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Desire's Ultimate Windrunner

February 1, 2013 by DesireLive
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Standard Support Offlane

DotA2 Hero: Windranger

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Desire's Ultimate Windrunner

February 1, 2013


Windrunner is THE most versatile hero. She has the most rage-inducing stun in the game, a deliciously powerful long range (KS) nuke, and a ninja escape ability. If you learn how to play her, you'll be the BAWS of Dota 2!

Pros / Cons


    The most rage-inducing stun in the game.
    Powerful long-range nuke. (Great for KSing :D)
    Japanese Ninja-like escape mechanism.
    Very agile and fast-paced gameplay.
    Very good attack animation, attack speed and range.

    Fragile if used incorrectly.
    Shackleshot is a skill that takes time to master.
    Disruptor basically nullifies Windrun with his Glimpse.

To Pick or Not To Pick

When You Should NOT Pick:

    There is a Disruptor on their team.
    Many Stuns on their team.
    A lot of magic damage/nukers on their team.

When You Should Pick:
When the above conditions do not exist.


Windrun first is a no-brainer. It's not just an escape mechanism that you'll need for the suicide, it's a very powerful offensive tool. Pop your Windrun in an early game 1v1 fight and just right click your enemy. Watch his tears flow when he realizes that he's taking damage and all his right clicks are missing. When Windrun runs out, just back up. You can do more damage with a level 1 Windrun than you could with a fully charged level 1 Powershot.

Getting Powershot early will help you get a few last hits if you are getting pushed off the lane. A level in Shackleshot at level 4 will set up for the imminent gank from your mid-lane which should have reached at least level 6 by now (assuming he's also BAWS).

From there on, max Powershot and Shackleshot with Powershot as priority, then finish maxing Windrun. I put the rest into stats as I see Windrunner's ultimate as a waste of mana. I'd much rather have the extra Shackleshot/Powershot in exchange for the large mana cost of her ultimate.


Standard Support Offlane:

Get 2 x Tangoes for regen, a Ring of Protection and either Donkey or Wards (preferably Wards in order to ward their jungle to see incoming ganks), and an Iron Branch.

First up get a Sage's Mask to finish a Ring of Basilius. This will give a significant boost in mana regen that will let you use your Powershot a bit more. Next, work on your Phase Boots which will help you rotate to other lanes and angle yourself for BAWS Shackleshots. Now work on a Mekansm for the midgame team fights. After that, I usually go for a Forcestaff as it is THE best item to get in the game. You can use it to set yourself up for BAWS Shackleshot, escape, help your allies escape, and basically everything. If nobody on your team has a Drums of Endurance, you may get it for extra maneuverability. Finally, you can finish off with the luxury items.

Orchid Rush Offlane (Semi-Carry):

Get 2 x Tangoes for regen and 2 x Ring of Protection (you'll see why later). Ask another support to get the Donkey and give you a set of wards (or else you have to play really passive on your lane). Use the wards to ward their jungle to see incoming ganks.

First get a Sage's mask to complete a Ring of Basilius. This will give a significant boost in mana regen that will let you use your Powershot a bit more. Next, get your Boots of Speed, and turn it into Tranquil Boots. Now you have both health and mana regen to stay in lane forever. Start working on your first Oblivion Staff (Sage's Mask -> Robe of the Magi -> Quarterstaff). Now get a Robe of Magi + Quaterstaff and disassemble your Ring of Basilius to complete your second Oblivion Staff. Collect 775 gold and complete your Orchid of Malevolence. Get 2 x Blades of Attack and disassemble your Tranquil Boots to complete your Phase Boots. Get a Staff of Wizardry and a Forcestaff Recipe to complete your Forcestaff (you have your Ring of Regen from disassembling your Tranquil Boots). Now you can sell your 2 x Ring of Protection and proceed to work on your other items.

Team Work

Windrunner is a great initiator. When the enemies are grouping up for a team fight, throw a Shackleshot at one of them (the cooldown is very low should you miss). If it latches on 2 enemies, it's a great opportunity for your team to fight a 3v5.

You can also use Windrun to tank up right-click damage (until they get a MKB), but be careful not to accidentally soak up all their skills (you have no protection against that).

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