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Dental Care

December 17, 2014 by LordPetrus
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Better Teeth

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

2 7 13 15

Time Dilation

1 4 9 12

Time Lock

3 5 8 10


6 11 16


14 18

Dental Care

December 17, 2014


Barev all, here's another build.
This one is FV, it's a bit of a semi-nicked build (based off the game of XBOC of NaVi fame), but with a few adjustments.

Thing to note about FV :

Nice early stats
Decent Evasion due to Backtrack
Nice Ulti that works well late game
Easy jungler, specially with Quelling Blade and Hand of Midas

He is a bit squishy though early on and it takes him a while to do really heavy damage. He is a hard carry so he does require a bit of farm to get online fast.


Start with your backtrack for decent lane survivability, optionally you can get time warp, but as your mana will probably be low and due to its cooldown, it's better to take it second.

The rest is pretty standard, swap between levelling your time lock and backtrack, the former being a nice ministun with some damage.

For ultis, same as usual applies : 6, 11, 16.
As you might know, Aghanim's Scepter ups it. I don't see Aghs as core, because it makes sense to me first to do more damage than worry about a long chrono.


I start like the XBOC build with a Quelling Blade, Tangoes and a Stout Shield, for more survivability. Focus on getting last hits and immediately upgrade to Poor Man's Shield.

Next item should be your standard Boots of Travel. After that, get your Gloves of Haste and your Belt of Strength (or Robe of the Magi) and make your Power Treads.

Once this is completed, get another Gloves of Haste and get your hand of Midas. But the time you have that, you should be able to easily jungle to get your lifesteal times toward a Mask of Madness.

Your next item can either be a BKB (if you have nukers and stunners) or build toward Maelstrom. Butterfly can be used, but I prefer to first start with Maelstrom due to the attack speed, cost and scaling with MoM and Powers Treads.

After that, get your recipe or your Hyperstone and up to a Mjollnir. The rest is pure luxury as by this point you should do quite some damage, have good survivability and attack.

If the game is still going, work to Butterfly. Alternatively if you have lots of evaders on the enemy team, go for a Monkey King Bar. If you're getting good Chronospheres, an Aghanim's could be wise too.

Team Work

You have to have a team that will allow to jungle and farm a bit.
Void needs lots of farm to be effective and if farmed up can be a huge pain to take down, dishing a lot of damage in a team fight.

Try to cast your Chronos in a way that doesn't prevent your teammates from using skills (for example a well timed utli from Witch Doctor with a Chrono can be devastating).


First published guide here, tell me what you think.
In case you're wondering about the name...welll, take a look at his grate.

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