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Defensive Doom

March 18, 2013 by bambam25
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defensive Doom

DotA2 Hero: Doom

Hero Skills


2 4 10 13

Scorched Earth

3 7 8 14

Infernal Blade

1 5 9 12


6 11 16


15 17 18

Defensive Doom

March 18, 2013


Hello guys! This is my first ever guide for doom bringer and i hope it will be the best! I've seen some guides out the for doom bringer which are, in all fairness good but not so good on the defensive side of things. I first started off playing Doom a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with him. His overwhelming strength and power stood out to me when i first picked him. Doom, if used correctly can be one of the most powerful and best team fighters out.


First off lets start out with the items. i first start off by buying the basic health potion, and 1 mana potion.(trust me, he needs mana). i also buy stout shield and 1 iron branch. This is my basic start off with this character, as this gives him a good chance of surviving as he has very little armor.

when it starts to kick of early game i like to buy boots of speed as fast as i can then upgrade them straight to power treads. this gives me a good advantage mid game. as for the rest of the items i buy i would recommend buying the 2 armors as early on as you can. this will make it hard for your enemy to attack you which will give you the upper hand.


This set up really work well for me. As this is my first attempt on making a guide i know there is a lot of room for improvement! overall i think this set up provides a good strong force against enemy teams and also gives your team that big boy that we all need! if you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to comment! this guide can only improve!

Thanks Brandon.

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