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Death Dealer Necro

March 5, 2013 by ThrobbingIceCreamWarrior
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Necrophos

Hero Skills

Death Pulse

2 3 5 7

Heartstopper Aura

1 12 13 14

Ghost Shroud

4 8 9 10

Reaper's Scythe

6 11


15 16 17 18


[Necrolyte] is an intelligence hero that is generally best utilized as a semi carry with a real strong mid game prescence - both in hero killing and in pushing.

[Necrolyte] performs best when they are able to stay alive for a long time in a prolonged fight, ensuring they are able to use their heal nuke multiple times, and for [Hearstopper Aura] to reduce the enemies HP considerably.

I've played [Necrolyte] quite a few times but to me this has been the method that I have gained the most success from. The last 3 times I've played this hero and skilled them as outlined in the guide, I've gone 40-5-48 (


[Necrolyte] is best situated to play mid. This 1v1 lane means you can only be harassed so much, and the short compact lane helps [Heartstopper Aura] really pack a punch. [Death Pulse] is an incredibly strong spell to push out waves to ensure rune control, as well as punish the enemy hero if they come up. [Necrolyte] specifically is incredibly succesful against melee heroes mid. In the laning phase after level 3 or so you want to become more and more agressive to try and really control the lane. With your aura and nuke most enemy mid heroes can't really stand the prolonged hp reduction and be able to kill you without you healing/nuking them back. You can play [Necrolyte] in other lanes but this lane is going under the assumption of playing mid or at least being able to get enough farm to be in a semi carry role.

Skill Justification

It is important not to skill your first level until you are actually in lane. It occasionally happens where a little excitement can happen pregame around the runes (which you should be there to hopefully get) in which case you should have [Death Pulse].

However considering the majority of cases and a standard opening, the first level should be put into [Hearstopper Aura]. This will immediately cause your enemies in lane to lose HP, and start to burn through their regen they brought to lane. Using their regen early is crucial because it allows you later to start to really apply pressure with [Death Pulse] where they can't heal up fully and you are in the drivers seat. There is no need to level this skill up first, because of its percentage removal and starting hps pools are not large enough to make much of a difference in hp removed then. It scales much better in the mid and late part of the game, but you do need that level 1 instance of the spell.

[Death Pulse] should be maxed first considering it give you the most damage to enemies, improves the healing aspect of it and is great for pushing waves strategically - specifically to control runes.

[Sadist] is an incredible skill that allows for longevity in the lane just from being able to last hit. It provides both hp and mana regen for short instances and is a godsend for hero kills, allowing you to go from oom to full mana. [Sadist] is good all game but generally most important in the laning phase so that's why it should be maxed out second after [Death Pulse].

[Reaper's Scythe] is a very good spell and should be skilled whenever possible. At level one it does very low damage (again considering it does damage relative to the enemies overall hp and damage already taken) but still provides a strong 1.5 second stun which may be even more helpful.


This guide is based on the fact that his ult does damage to the target based on the amount of hp currently gone from the target. It is important to know that it checks the damage hp absent from the hero at the end of the 1.5 sec stun and not right when you cast it. This means that if you do any damage right after casting your ult, and before the damage dealing animation occurs, this damage will count towards what the enemy will receive. This is why I consider an early [Dagon] a must. It synergizes so well with his ult because you cant cast his ult, getting that 1.5 second stun, and then immediately cast [Dagon] dealing the 400 damage. His ult will then trigger dealing the damage for whatever hp he was missing before, in addition to the appropriate damage missing taken from the dagon shot. At low levels. Even from almost full hp, a [Death Pulse] + ult + [Dagon] will often deal enough damage with an auto attack or two to kill a person.

I even like using his ult to insta kill an enemy in team fights. If someone is badly positioned, or gets caught by a disable from my ally, if your team has any coordination (its a good idea to explicitly explain that you want your team to do this, ideally being able to talk through the mic instantly when this is happening, but if not type out earlier) you can ult that hero and the rest of your team can throw their nukes on him in that 1.5 second span, ensuring a kill.

Now as game progresses more and 5man v 5man fights start happening more, it is important that you stay alive in these fights so you can just spam your [Death Pulse]. This is why I believe [Heart of Tarrasque] is necessary. If you get this even semi early you become almost unkilleable. The longer you stay alive the longer you deal damage with your aura and the more [Death Pulse]s you can cast to both hurt the enemy and keep your team alive.

Any future item should be directed at again staying alive longer [ghost scpeter/ etheral blade (which combos amazingly with dagon and ult) or bkb] or at disabling key heroes such as scythe shivas and euls(which also makes him quicker). His low ms makes Boots of travel an attractive pickup on Necro as well.


Necrolyte is a hero that is able to snowball moderately well and excels as a semi carry starting mid. He provides an extremely strong mid game presence which should be capitalized on by your team. This build is set to make him an early killing machine and being able to then take those towers down on the lanes you kill heroes in. Necrolyte's biggest strength is the amount of damage to the enemy team he can continually put out in a team fight so he should ideally be built up so he can be sustainable in these fights. It is important to fully understand the mechanics of his ultimate and to not be afraid to use it early in a fight, instead of to kill a guy with 100 hp. Many people forget the damage is dealt at a secondary and it provides a very decent 1.5 second stun that even by itself can sometimes ensure a kill. Nonetheless it is ideal to cast hits ult even when the enemy has over 50-75% hp, and then very quickly nuke that same hero before the damage is dealt. Taking out a hero quickly this way well ensure that most team fights will then go in your favor due to the now 4 vs 5.

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