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Deadly Carry For Bounty Hunter/Gondar

March 7, 2015 by Zero Star
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Deadly Bounty Hunter

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

4 5 8 12


1 3 7 10

Shadow Walk

2 9 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Deadly Carry For Bounty Hunter/Gondar

Zero Star
March 7, 2015


Bounty Hunter or Gondar is a stealth type Agility hero who is suitable for Dota beginners.Bounty Hunter's skill is single target,yet high damage.

Skill Uses

-Shuriken Toss:This skill is mostly used to kill fleeing enemies or mini-stunning your enemies to cancel their channeling skills.

-Jinada:This skill is a passive critical skill that could be painful,and slows your enemy initating your next attacks or for ganking,don't be afraid to use this skill for creeping because it doesn't cost any mana.this skill is what makes him a Nuker

-Shadow Walk:Just like the name,this skill is used for making you invisible,be careful though this skill has a fading delay that could let your enemy(pro) to track your fleeing path,specially the radial skill users like Lina.

-Track:Yup,this skill will be very usefull to keep track of your enemies,chasing your enemies faster,and bringing your Shuriken Toss to reach full potential because the Shuriken will bounce to a nearby tracked enemies,also this skill could give true sight to invisible enemies.


-Riki:What's that? Riki keeps ambushing your friends because of his invisibility? well guess what? he's going down.use Shadow Walk and follow one of your friend.When Riki start smoking,then attacks your friend,that's your chance to flip the card,Track him and he will definitely lose,you know what to do next.

-Phantom Assassin:Okay,i know that this is weird,but what i'm talking about is your Jinada.she's hard to hit but hey,when you actually hit's a good thing right? also,if she Blinks you can still keep track of her so yeah.also for a better win,have a stunner by your side.that'll make her "sore"

-Luna and Mirana:They're fast,but your track could make you faster,Jinada,Shuriken Toss,done.

also Track could also be useful(of course you know) to counter Clinkz,Weaver and Shadow Blade users, could say that Bounty Hunter is a Stealth's Nightmare


-Slardar:Oh,he's YOUR nightmare,not only Tracks you but also lower your armor so goodbye.

-Riki:Yes,you could Track him,but if he silences you 1st,you're dead so be careful

-Sniper:Running away because of low health will be useless if you're talking about him.his Assassinate skill could track you even though you're trying to cancel it by using Shadow Walk.the only way is by using Shuriken Toss or wishing for your friends to stun him 1st


Thank you for reading this guide.don't forget to upvote and add as favourite if you like this guide.also please leave a comment if you find something is missing or wrong,I will be happy to reply.and add me on Steam to play together,my name is Zero Star and good luck with your next battle.

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