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De doctor is IN

March 10, 2015 by Colfenor
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Standard support build

DotA2 Hero: Witch Doctor

Purchase Order

Starting stuff

Animal Courier
Healing Salve
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch

Core items,get by 20 mins

Flying Courier
Observer Ward
Arcane Boots
Point Booster
Town Portal Scroll
Magic Wand

Core extension, till late game

Aghanim's Scepter
Shadow Blade
Town Portal Scroll
Sentry Ward
Observer Ward

Situational items

Black King Bar
Rod of Atos
Drum of Endurance
Shiva's Guard
Force Staff
Scythe of Vyse
Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Dust of Appearance
Ghost Scepter
Refresher Orb

Consider if no one else buys these

Urn of Shadows
Smoke of Deceit
Pipe of Insight
Drum of Endurance

Hero Skills

Paralyzing Cask

1 3 5 7

Voodoo Restoration

4 12 13 14


2 8 9 10

Death Ward

6 11 16




Withdoctor's a great support hero that easily kills or at the very least scares away squishy heroes that do not have an escape mechanism or a disable that stops him from channeling. He is an underestimated hero in many,many matches and can easily turn the tide of a battle,especially with his beloved scepter. Even by himself,witchdoctor can kill heroes with his stun,maledict and ultimate.

Hero Overview+Tips

Wd has a low str gain and is always focused on in team fights(hence the bracer). You have to know when to use your game-changing ultimate and just as importantly,where to use it. In general,you want to stay away from the fight itself so you do not get disrupted when channeling. You should cast it when you think that the enemy heroes have committed to a teamfight,usually when they start using their abilities. Your ultimate has a 70SECOND cd and do not try to use it if you are going to die;rather save it for later and use your stun instead. Simple. You should have good team members for you to truly shine as a support teamfighter. Ward regularly and deward regularly. The normal support sh*t you do.Ideally,give kills to the carry,especially if he`s nice. Stop channeling your ultimate only if there are no enemy heroes in the immediate vicinity you know of. It is better to die as a support dealing more damage than surviving and letting the carry not being able to get the kill instead. You can toggle your heal while channeling without interrupting it,as well as activating shadow blade. Use this at your discretion. I prefer getting aghanim`s first since your ward`s attacks bounce like crazy in teamfights.

Skill build

Your skill build should be pretty easy and is also flexible. For instance, I prefer getting the cask over the maledict because to me,disruption and disables are more important and damage in MOST cases. However,I find getting 1 point of the heal in early stages of the game can be extremely useful,since it provides one of the highest heal/second AURA that heals ALL friendly units within its radius. Your ultimate,needles to say,should be leveled ASAP since its fricking awesome.(I`ll talk more about this in a bit).Stats should be leveled last,since they are nothing compared to a stun that bounces 8 times,a 5 man heal,a DOT(damage over time) nuke and (in my opinion) one of the most game changing ultimate.

Bongos(The cask)

A point target stun that bounces to hit enemy units for a measly 50 magic damage(making it about ~20 pure damage) with a decent cast range of 700. It is slightly longer than most ranged hero`s attack range(Lina has about 600),so you can just SURPRISE MOFO and stun the enemy. This spell is picked mainly because of the disruption it causes it entire teams,with 8 bounces at level 4,making it stun the enemy team for 9 entire seconds!!!!OMGWTFBBQ(assuming they all hit enemy heroes,including the initial stun).You normally stun the enemy,then move closer to cast maledict,then cast your death ward.You should be able to easily maledict the enemy hero after you stun(it lasts for 1 second). When casting bongos,you ideally would want to cast it with 2 heroes close to each other so the stun bounces off each of them,stunning them for up to 4 seconds EACH at level four of your stun.You can,however use the stun maledict ward combo ONLY if you are sure that:
1)The enemy hero cannot disrupt you while you are channeling your ward.
2)There would not be a team-fight within the next 70 seconds.(or at least if you think so.)
3)The enemy hero does not have any escape mechanisms(weaver,anti-mage,etc.)They can just run away and leave you looking like a ******* idiot just wasting your ultimate for nothing.

Voodoo Restoration

Not much to say about this,really. It`s a decent heal that allows you to heal ALL of your allied heroes that costs 20 mana to cast at level 1,then heals 16hp/second for 8mana/second. Even when just healing yourself(for let`s say 10 seconds),you regain 160hp for 100 mana!If another friendly hero is within your aura,that`s 320hp for the same amount of mana!!!If you have 4 friendly heroes under your aura, that`s 800HP FOR 100 MANA. At level 4,(for 10 seconds)for 250 mana,you heal 400hp per friendly hero. You heal 2000 effective hp if all of your other friendly heroes are within its aura. OP!!Also,you do not interrupt any form of channeling when using this spells,so feel free to use it if you are low on health if you are using your ultimate or even if you`re teleporting away to safety.The extra 16 health can save your life.Just don`t get so carried away with this nice heal and waste all of our mana and don`t have enough for your other spells.


For those who are new to dota/witchdoctor,let me simplify this spell for you:
1)You cast maledict on say,Drow. Drow had 500hp when you cast it on her.She takes 5 damage/second for 4 seconds(level 1) and so has 480 health.
2)You then proceed to auto-attack her. You deal 50 damage per hit after reductions.Let`s say you manage to hit her twice within 4 seconds. She now has 380 health.Okay so far?Great.
3)She just lost 100hp after you damaged her.Maledict causes her to lose 16% of the damage that was dealt to her within the last 4 seconds. Since she lost 120 health,it deals 19.2 magic damage to her.
4)Since this is magic damage she actually loses about 14.4 health.She now has 366 health.
5)However,here comes the fun part. The damage caused by maledict itself stacks. Let`s say you do not damage her anymore.Remember steps 1 to 4?That repeats twice.So she has lost 134 health since the start of the curse.She now continues to take 5 damage/second for 4 seconds and so loses 154 health from the 500 initial hp. Maledict calculates 16% of health she lost and deals damage to her. This repeats for another time.

Sorry I`m so long winded. Lol. It`s really quite complicated. Just think of it as a damage over time nuke that deals more damage when the target loses more health from the start of the spell.It prevent blinks since it deals damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds,so the target cannot blink for 12 whole seconds!It also affects creep-hero units,so its great against heroes like brewmaster,since he`s pretty invincible during his split.It`s quite easy to land when they enemy is disbaled but be careful,since it has a relatively short cast range(525).It has excellent synergy with dark seer`s vacuum since a 5 man maledict is truly quite potent.

Death Ward

Wow.How to begin.One of the most OP skills since false promise. Death ward is a channeled skill that summons an indestructible ward that auto attacks enemies,dealing massive amounts of damage if left unchecked.You can actually control it to attack enemy heroes within its range(which many people do not seem to know,apparently). This is the skill which defines witchdoctor and what makes him so bloody fun to play.It deals physical damge,and so can miss enemy heroes as well and all the **** that goes with physical damage(blocked by ethereal form,etc.). Your death ward does not have true strike and can miss.Aghanims is a must on withcdoctor,since the upgrade allows the attacks to bounce and deal even more damage.You can toggle your heal on as weel as shadow blade during the channeling without interrupting it,so this negates the use of bkb if your opponents do not have aoe stuns or are too lazy to get detection. THis is doubly so if you are the only hero on your team that use invisibility. Beware,however,that you will become a prime target for enemies once you start using it and so try to use your ultimate for a counter-initiation if need be.

Items justification

Really? Okay. I pretty much explained the use of aghanim`s and shadow blade. The other situational items are the normal support stuff support heroes get such as Eul`s for a secondary stun,intelligence and increased movement speed.
Drums give you cheap stats and a useful speed boost aura for you and your team.Just don`t forget it has an active.
Ghost scepter to counter ******s like clinkz and basically,those right clickers.Also provides some cheap stats.
Bkb,a costly item that`s great for witchdoctor,but costly. You normally won`t be able to afford this if you are being a hard support.
Mek for the 250 heal boost. Get this ASAP if you are getting it(by 25 mins LATEST).Pipe against heroes like sk and es for magic protection.
Force staff for positioning and if you`re pro you can force staff maledict an enemy. Use it to escape and save your dumbass teammates.
Urn of shadows for the pure 150 DOT and 400 hp heal for 0 mana.
Scythe of Vyse. Any hero can get this really. But there`s a reason why this costs 5k+ gold. Get if you know you`re in for a long game.
Shiva`s guard. Intelligence and armor,best of both world with an additional slow.Great against hard hitters but costly.More than likely,someone on your team already got it.
Refresher orb. Get this if you want a 16 second ultimate and laugh in their faces as they run.
ROd of atos. An underrated item. Huge cast range for a potent slow that allows your ward to hit the enemy hero. Also provides health and intelligence,both of which are helpful to withcdoctor.


This is my very first guide on dotafire,so thanks for staying with me and please provide me with constructive feedback on how to improve my guide. Thanks!!:)

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