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Dazzling Win

July 21, 2012 by Havox
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DotA2 Hero: Dazzle

Hero Skills

Poison Touch

2 7 9 10

Shallow Grave

4 12 13 14

Shadow Wave

1 3 5 8

Bad Juju

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Dazzling Win

July 21, 2012

Quick Guide

So I've been playing a lot of Dazzle recently and none of the guides suit my play-style. This is in no way an in-depth guide, nor the definitive guide. Please leave any comments or suggestions below. Go easy on me this is my first guide. ;)

NOTE: Dazzle is a spell spammy character, so I must emphasize how important it is to use your spells.

Here's the quick run-down of my play, i try to start mid, don't take it from a great carry in the mid, but my reasoning is that the faster you get your core items the sooner your team gets great durability. Dazzle is also a great mid, he has a nice attack speed, is ranged and farms very very well if he uses his Shadow Wave. You shouldn't use it too often as it pushes, but it helps last hit while denying your opponents last hit. If there is a solo lane (because of a tri-lane or a jungler) feel free to take that lane, just know that as soon as your opponent's hit level 6 you'll need help, possibly even earlier depending how many disables/stuns they have.

Farm. It seems strange to farm more than your carries early but it pays off for them in both the short and long term (free heals etc.). Once you get the soul ring you wont need to go back to base very often, once you get the arcane boots you shouldn't ever have to go back. After you get your soul ring though BACK OFF, let whoever is carrying get ALL the last hits.

Deny. Goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway.

Ward. You're (in my humble opinion) the best support a team can have. Any extra gold you happen to farm use to keep your team in the know. Don't wait for someone else to buy wards, you buy it.

Heal. You have a huge amount of mana at your disposal, with the soul ring you practically have unlimited heals, use that mana! Don't be afraid of using it!

Stick with your carry. You have your core items, now don't leave their side, don't leave your team (unless you're warding). You don't need more farm so you shouldn't be in the jungle and you don't need to go back to base since you can heal yourself and give yourself mana. You should never miss a teamfight because you are where the team is.

Don't KS. I feel like this should go without saying, but, it doesn't not in too many games I've played in. I usually break even with my K/D ratio, but most of those are just side-effects of my spells rather than intentional kills. Don't worry if you arent getting the best ratio.

Save your Carry. His life is worth more than yours, so if it comes down to using shallow grave on yourself or your carry, use it on him, then slow whoever's chasing him then heal him, then try to escape yourself.

You're playing a support remember:
1. Winning > Your Ego
2. Not a lot of people will appreciate what you've done, but a few people will realize the team won on the back of your wise usage of spells and gold management.

On Skills

    This is the second spell to max, Used wisely and it can finish off an opponent after they're well out of reach. This spell slows your enemy, which is a great way of keeping them in range of your carries.

    This is my last maxed skill, but, I get one level early. Why? Because if you are going to use this in almost any situation, you will not have the luxury of enough time to cast it again. You'll either be dead or the fight will be over.
    Use this as late as possible to max the time that either you or your teammate has to escape, but don't put your/his life in danger by waiting till you/they're under 100 hp (you'll know if they're about to die).

    Now I max my Shadow Wave first, this is because in team fights and in farming it both heals and deals damage. If you're laning against a melee character even better! Every time the come close to last hit you can harass with a heal.
    SPAM THIS IN TEAM-FIGHTS!!!! As soon as it cools down use it. Even if no one is severely hurt, you don't want to wait till they are, plus it damages the enemy.

    Use this. It has a fairly quick cool down and it can be a game changer. Think of it as a damage multiplier that gets stronger over time. I say this because people often think that its not very strong, but if they have -10 armor after 20 seconds of this baby they'll be taking a lot of damage.
    If you know the enemy is near but can't see any of them use it on your own team. IF on the other hand you can see all or most of their team i much prefer to use it on them, as your own heroes will have you copiously healing them.

Buy Guide

I feel most of it is self explanatory, there are a couple points i want to address:

1. No tango - you don't need it, you'll be using your Shadow Wave often enough to keep you at either full or close to full health. Use that little extra gold to get your soul ring that much faster.

2. Soul Ring First - If you don't have it, you're playing Dazzle wrong. It gives you free mana, since 90% of the time you'll be using that extra mana to heal anyway.

3. Arcane Boots - Faster move speed, more mana. Nothing more need be said.

4. Bloodstone - I like this item because of its increased mana/health, it gives you more durability and staying power. Feel free to buy other items instead, but it is a personal favorite after my core items.

5. Urn - I don't find time to use it, I suppose it could work, but i can already heal. My real qualm with it is that i cant use it during a battle which is usually when you need the heals. But if your teammate is low on health you could use it on him and let him scamper off I suppose.

Well that's it. I think I covered everything I can think of. I'll try to edit this for better read-omatic-ablitiy and whatnot. Thanks.

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