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Dazzling Support : Heal and Harm

February 9, 2016 by regilure
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Dem supports

DotA2 Hero: Dazzle

Hero Skills

Poison Touch

2 4 8 13

Shallow Grave

5 10 12 14

Shadow Wave

1 3 7 9

Bad Juju

6 11 16


15 17 18


The enemy pales when they see the face of Dazzle!

Hi! This is my first guide, and if it has many flaw forgive me lol I'm not a pro but I've played Dazzle lot enough for me to think that I should make a guide so that everyone can follow my steps. I fell in love with this hero the moment I got him on All Random One-by-one match with my friend.

Dazzle is a ranged Intelligence hero, which role mostly is supporting. His skills are very supporting and useful in teamfights. If you like to help others even in games, then I recommend this hero!

To be honest all I can do when I play Dota is Supporting. I don't have that skill and courage to carry my team unless there is another carry. So I present to you this super duper annoying hero on teamfight's guide : Dazzle the Shadow Priest!


Pros :

    Super Healer
    The skills have relatively short cooldown, which means you can spam it
Shallow Grave really useful to save your dying carry
Weave is very very very useful
Has a cool voice
Really helping at teamfights except on late game when all you can do is cast ult and heal.
Annoying for your eem

    Lack of mana in early game, especially when you keep healing your dying ally.
    Doesn't really useful when run out of mana
    Lack of Escape mechanism
    When you accidentally cast
Poison Touch on enemy creeps and fail to kill
Since you're a real support mostly smart carries will target you

The Abilities : Poison Touch

Poison Touch is a slowing spell. Disable Spell. lol idk what to say. Remember that Poison Touch is a spell that targets Enemy Units so make sure you aim for the hero not the creeps.

The cast range is 600, or just turn on the options to show ability rangefinder when casting.
When casted, the Enemy will get slowed for 3 Seconds, as well as dealing DPS. The DPS is dealt after the 3 seconds of slow with a total 8 damage tick over 7 seconds. 14/20/26/36 and the slow varies each level.
At Level 1, it slows the enemy for 33% for 3 seconds
At level 2, it slows the enemy for 33% for 2 seconds, then 66% for 1 second.
at level 3, it slows the enemy for 33%, 66%, then 100% with an interval of 1 seconds.
at level 4, it slows the enemy for 33%, 66%, then Stuns it for 1 seconds.

Its a useful spell to chase down a dying enemy hero, with your ally of course, because dazzle is just lack of damaging skills, unless you're building a carry dazzle lol. Make sure you cast Urn of Shadows while chasing the enemy (if you have one).

While it's true that I put Poison Touch on hero lvl 2, it is entirely situational whether you want to take it first then Shadow Weave. For example your team may be in need of slow in the starting runes.

The Abilities : Shallow Grave

This one here is the reason you choose Dazzle. lol not really but its damn useful.

Shallow Grave is a skill that PREVENT YOU FROM DYING for 5 seconds. Although Axe's Culling Blade still goes through it.

Again, FOR 5 SECONDS. That's not a short time, I once saved my ally and He managed to Ultra Kill lol. So make sure you're casting it just in time when your ally almost die and still have chance to win if only they last longer. I mean, dont waste your Shallow Grave when, for example, you're just with your friend, let's say Windranger. And suddenly Wild Sven appears and stuns her, then you see Sand King, Lion, WK, and Nyx. You know its certain death for WR. But then again, if it's me, I'll still cast it on her since I'm a support lol. What I'm trying to say here, is to timing your Shallow Grave well, don't use it when your ally have full health, or when they already dead lol. Cast it just in time. It may take some time to adapt, but you'll get used to it.

Remember in early game, Shallow Grave have a long cooldown. The cooldown is 60/45/30/15. 60 Seconds is not a short time. So especially in early games, timing your Shallow Grave well.

Also another thing, note that Shallow Grave doesn't instantly cast when you click your ally. There is a short interval when Dazzle jumps and raise his Staff or Stick or Magic Rod or something, then Shallow Grave is cast.

The range of this skill increases as it level does, . So keep close to your allies, and save them from death! You won't be in regret of being too far from your allies and fail to save them.

Then again, Shallow Grave is about timing your cast so your ally doesn't have to die and yell "Dazzle why you no skill2 me"

The Abilities : Shadow Wave

Uhuy! Another reason why you should pick Dazzle lol. This super duper Heal and Harm skill is very useful and spammable in late game when your mana is just seem to be never ending.

Shadow Wave in early game only serves as healing mechanism, while dealing small amount of damage. It heals and damages for 80/100/120/140 . The damage is dealt around the healed ally in 185 radius, and the best thing of this skill is that it bounces for 3/4/5/6 targets in 475 radius, seeking another ally to be healed. That's right, so if there are 5 creeps and an enemy hero close to them, casting Shadow Wave Will heal each creep for 140 HP on max level, while dealing 140x5=700 damage to that hero. Pretty impressive huh.

While laning, if your enemy is a melee hero like Slark, or any melee heroes (lol) you can time your use of Shadow Wave just when they want to last hit your creep. Melee heroes want to last hit means they come closer to your creep wave and you can heal and BOOM they are damaged. This can be used to push the enemy away and prevent them from creeping.

But remember, constant usage of this skill means your mana runs out faster and your creep wave arrive at the tower slightly faster and your carry can't farm well. Just use Shadow Wave when its needed or you think its needed.

In late game, Shadow Wave can be used to clear creep wave faster, or pushing the mid game.

Best combined with Chaos Knight. CK ulti, pull the enemy, you "heal" CK and pretend like you didn't KS that one. lol

The Abilities : Weave

Weave! This Ulti has big *** AoE of 575 and range of 2000. So you can catch entire heroes on a teamfight while they're wondering "Omg dazzle is here where is him we must kill him before he skill2 the enemies"

Yes, Weave decreases enemy's armor and increases ally's armor for 0.75/1.0/1.25 per second (1.0/1.25/1.75 per second if Scepter)

This is most likely used for teamfight initiation, just make sure you caught your teammates in it, because its a buff placer, so entering the circle after the cast won't make effect.
Or you can use it when you're pushing and don't want the enemy to gank you and kill you all before you can do anything.

Note that Weave provides 800 Ground Visioin upon casting for 3 seconds. So because the cooldown is just 40 Seconds, you can check the Roshan when you feel like the enemy is in there lol.

And Weave decreases and increases armor per second. Not the instant it was casted. So the enemy will be weaker over time while you're getting stronger over time.

How to Dazzle your allies and enemies

Few things to be noted as Dazzle, you won't harass your enemies early game with Shadow Wave because not only it will make your carry unable to farm, it'll also push your creep wave closer to enemy tower and then they can farm.

If you see the enemy team is picking Tanky hero such as Dragon Knight, Wraith King, BristleBack, etc. you may want to pick Dazzle. Why? Because Weave.

Dazzle is completely useless when silenced. So avoid picking dazzle if there are Silencer, Death Prophet, Drow Ranger, and any other AoE silencer enemies unless you're very needed. And make sure you avoid being silenced, except there is Silencer. You just cant avoid the Ulti.

Dazzle is also useless without mana since he is a caster support. So Anti-Mage, Nyx Assassin, Keeper Of The Light, or Bane will be in your Be-aware-of list.

Dazzle lack of escape mechanism unless you buy Force Staff, but I don't buy it. Since you're the support and you're lack of escape mechanism, it means you must be extremely careful while playing. Imagine if you're about to put wards and you meet Phantom Assassin jungling. Dead.

My favourite way of escaping using Dazzle other than running or TPing is to use Shallow Grave, and TP while your enemy hitting on you (literally) like "Omg pls die pls die" but you don't.
Note that even though you're under effect of Shallow Grave, you won't be protected from stuns or other channeling interrupting abilities. So make sure your enemies run out of stuns or dont have stuns, then you can cast it and escape. If there's Axe, you're dead.

As a Support you may want to stack the neutrals for your carry.

On Mid game you're probably already have Arcane Boots and Mekansm, and supposedly Aether Lens. Mid game is where the teamfights and ganking begin, although not always. In teamfights, Dazzle makes significant difference with his Ulti and Shallow Grave. After done teamfighting, you can chase the dying enemy with your Poison Touch, and remember to heal your allies always, because that's what you're born for


SO for starting items, you should get Animal Courier,some Iron Branches for stats,Tango and Clarity of course, and most importantly as a support, Observer Wards. The yellow ones to be precise.

Well the Courier is optional because sometimes you just got to play with other craving-for-supporting player and they force you not to buy courier, then so be it, save your money for later. But usually you're the one who's in charge for courier.

After some times, you'll find yourself bought Arcane Boots. But don't forget to buy Flying Animal Courier and Wards so your teammates don't shout to you "Up Cour" or "wards pls". Don't rush buying Arcane boots, keep it slow but steady.

Why Aether Lens?? Oh dear, since the 6.86 this is the most useful item I think, for dazzle at least. +200 Cast range and +8% Spell damage are no joke. This means, wider range for you to cast Shadow Weave to heal creeps or allies, wider range to save your teammates using Shallow Grave, and since all dazzle's spell is point target spell, Aether Lens has effects on all of it, which is nice.

Spell damage output +8% means faster pushing on mid-late game and faster and more-guaranteed creeping (of course when your carries doesn't feed from creep anymore). So that wrapped the reason of "Why Aether Lens

Mekansm and Urn of Shadows is a must, you just can't rely on Shadow Weave and it's 6 seconds cooldown. But remember don't buy Urn of Shadows if there are another teammates who already bought it such as Witch Doctor, Invoker (altough rare), Spirit Breaker,and so on.

Guardian Greaves is just a luxury item that you must get first after you think you have the enough money for luxury. Save space and make Mend doesn't cost mana, which is nice.

The rest of Luxury items are situational, like how you should buy SOV or Orchid when there's tanky as hell enemy e.g Bristle or annoying caster like Storm Spirit or Warlock, its up to you.

As a support, always remember to BUY AND PLACE WARDS, not just buying it. And Bring TP always. That's rule of thumb.

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