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Dazzle - Who's the better support now?

November 25, 2013 by _LuVion
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Dazzling Support

DotA2 Hero: Dazzle

Hero Skills

Poison Touch

1 6 8 9

Shallow Grave

4 10 13 14

Shadow Wave

2 3 5 7

Bad Juju

11 12 16


15 17 18

How to use abilities (Early Game)

Dazzle can be a perfect support between early and late game if he stays and supports a good durable. during the very early stages you want to be focusing a lot of your levels into your SShadow Wave ability, this is for healing a durable in the lane with you, this damaging and healing ability can turn the tide of early game assaults and even get dazzle a few last hits to get his core supporting items early while the durable can focus on last hitting creeps with support from the heal.

Your Poison Touch ability can be used in many situations, if an enemy is attempting to escape from an early assault the poisons DOT (Damage over time) and slow can ensure that they cant escape. Not only that but it can initiate a early game assault focusing on one enemy. Finally this can also be used to support your lane companion if they are being chased.

Your Shallow Grave ability can save your durable lane companions life in many situations so should be bought fairly early especially if the other team is being rather aggressive, it can be used to escape bad situations and can also be used to finish of fights (Note that your Shadow Wave ability can still heal a unit under the effects of Shallow Grave as well as damage the enemies around the target.

Weave has no use early game unless you feel like your being ganked way to much in which then putting one skill point in may not be a bad idea. This ability is far better mid to late game when team fights are common. It is a perfect ability to use before a team fight is initiated.

How to use abilities (Mid Game)

From now on Poison Touch is your friend, you will be wanting to use this many times, whether to start ganks, to kill the weak that run from the fight and to finish the final enemy that is attempting to escape.

Shallow Grave during mid game more enemies will be focusing on you since you are supporting the team. This ability will save your life many times. using a Mekansm to heal yourself and any allies around you as well as your...

Shallow Grave. Remember that this ability "Waves" around the allies dealing damage to enemies in a radius of 185 so casting it on yourself when an ally is in a radius of 475 wont cause any problems as it will still jump around and heal the allies.

Weave perfect to use before starting ganks or when a gank has begun. during mid game as your very vulnerable make sure to stay close to ranged allies but stay away from your melee allies, DO NOT try and last hit or deny any creeps at mid game as they will single you out and kill you before your abilities can be used.

How to use abilities (Late Game)

Pretty much the same as mid game but during late game the enemy (if they are smart) will most likely focus on your durable companion to get rid of its hopefully 3K hitpoints. keeping shallow grave active as much as possible on those with low health, make sure you keep using your abilities and items that heal and give mana, as well as those supporting items that can silence etc.

Weave if your find that you are using this ability a lot buying the scepter as it will increase the duration of your weave and its radius increasing the armor raise for your allies.

Allies and Enemies.

Light green (GOOD ALLIES)
Dark Green (OK ALLIES)

anybody who is durable enough to survive fights as well as dish out mass amounts of damage.
anybody who is a melee type.

AXE One of your greatest friends - his durable state and 40 armor taunt can get enemies off your backside, his spin passive can whittle the enemy health down for the early kills and it also stops the other team from using him to counter your Shallow Grave.

Bristleback Want to slow the enemy down so much they cant even run, using your Poison Touch ability alongside his slowing ability can stack for a ludicrous slow for some easy kills.

OmniKnight 2 damaging heals in one. what more could you ask for.

Temple Assassin Your damaging heal stacked with her shield ability can cause massive grief during early game assaults and surviving any unprepared ganks from the enemy team.

Phantom Lancer As long as you are good at using your heal ability you can keep many of the illusions alive causing the enemy to become confused of which lancer is the real one.

Viper Yes viper is a durable but that is only late game but if your up against 2 melee enemies this could be a good team up, stacked with vipers poison your poison slow ability can whittle them down enough to get viper the carry he needs.

Anybody who has long duration stuns or silences are going to become a problem for you as all your abilities are active not passive which can stop you supporting your team.

Bloodseeker His silence can be used to damage you as well as stop you from supporting in both early and mid game. his passive speed when your allies are on low health will deny your poisons usefulness.

Sven, Dragon Knight, Chaos Knight all have an ability that has a long duration stun that can stop you supporting your team.

Spirit Breaker if he is lucky enough with his mini bash this can be a problem for you, his passive also allows him to move faster destroying the usefulness of your slow.

AXE if he is on the enemy team he can cut through your Shallow Grave making it a useless ability.

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