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Dazzle the Savior

January 11, 2017 by Dibakar
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Build 1
Build 2

Aggressive Dazzle

DotA2 Hero: Dazzle

Hero Skills

Poison Touch

2 8 14 16

Shallow Grave

4 9 11 13

Shadow Wave

1 3 5 7

Bad Juju

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+1 Weave Armor Reduction/Increase
-40% Poison Touch Slow
+60 Poison Touch DPS
+200 Heal on Shallow Grave
+80 Attack Speed
+45 Shadow Wave heal/damage
+1.75 Mana Regen
+300 Poison Touch Attack Range

Introducing Dazzle

Currently at 7.xx patch, Dazzle seems to have earned his spot. As a 5th position support, he is being picked quite often. The main reason behind this is this patch is all about fighting and fighting and when it comes to keep your teammates alive Dazzle is the best pick. But though it may seem very easy to play Dazzle to naked eyes, It needs good timing sense to play him properly.

When to pick Dazzle and when not to..

Dazzle can actually be picked in any case scenario. If you need a 5th position support pick him but against physical damage heavy team, Omniknight is a better pick. If you pick Dazzle make sure your team has good damage dealers because in the late and mid game scenario Dazzle does not deal that much damage. Do not pick Dazzle if your team does not have enough lock down and disables. The best time to pick Dazzle is if your team has 2 or 3 agility based heroes.

What to do with Dazzle?

Case 1: Early Game:- As a 5th position support, your job is to stay with your carry, collect runes, deny creep,stack camps,pull creep waves into jungle, harass enemy,put down wards and heal your allies. Make sure to have a TP scroll all the time(actually make it 2). Keep an eye on every lane.Always inform others if someone is missing. Try your best to counter as much ganks as possible( because of your Shallow Grave and Poison touch abilities, you should be able to save your cores. Sacrifice yourself if you have to but do not let your cores die in front of your eyes. Do not store golds; buy items whenever you can; Collect bounty runes to earn gold and exp.

Tip: Do not leech exp from your cores; do not show yourself if you are doing nothing(hide in the fog).

]Case 2]: Mid Game:-In the mid game you have a lot of things to do. Push the lanes; place wards(aggressive and defensive); show up in every fight; stay close to your team;spam shadow wave to push lanes;use your ultimate whenever your teammates group up;try to join in all ganks and make sure to use your poison touch and weave to make it successful.

Tip: Always stay defensive in lanes, stand behind your cores, do not even think of solo ganking.

Case 3: [b]Late game[/b]:-Dazzle does almost no damage in the late games so do not get high hopes. Your job is just to stay behind and heal your cores and save them. You can try warding and dewarding but do not take risk because if you are alive it will be very hard for your opponent to go high-ground.Use your items all the time;communicate with your teammates and take down their ancient.

Tip: Remind your teammates to do Roshan. Do not steal Aegis or cheese. Buy a GEM if you have to.

[b]Case 4[/b]: Team Fight:- In a team fight, Do not forget to use your ultimate;use it as soon as you can; use poison touch on whoever your core targets; Heal as much as you can; use your shallow grave to save the most important hero; do not use it on offlaners or supports; save it for your mid or carry; use poison touch to chase enemy heroes; use arcane boots to provide mana to your allies; use dust to reveal invisible heroes and always stay behind and if possible hidden.

Best against and Worst versus

BEST against:
1. Legion Commander
2. Bristleback
3. Centaur Warrunner
4. Huskar

WORST versus:
1. Ancient Apparition
2. Ancient Apparition
3. Lich
4. Silencer
5. Warlock

Item build and Skill build

Follow one of the given builds at least till level 7 and then improvise if you want to. Make sure to buy mana regen and mobility base items and a late game HEX if possible.

Is Dazzle good for MMR pushing?

I do not know. You tell me.. BTW Dazzle has a good win rate below 2k MMR and above 5k MMR..

Replay guides:
1. Match ID 2909359833
2. Match ID 2905402770
3. Match ID 2882672696( played by iceice from Wings)


If you are still here thank you very much for reading the whole guide. Make sure to comment below and post your performance and suggest me how can I improve this guide... All the best....

What are you waiting for? GO and play a match with Dazzle....jeez...

Guide made by Dibakar Junior
on 12 January, 2017 @ 12:55 AM.....

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