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December 22, 2011 by intelligentjerk
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Mor' dazzling then ev'r!

DotA2 Hero: Dazzle

Hero Skills

Poison Touch

2 4 5 9

Shallow Grave

3 13 14 17

Shadow Wave

1 6 7 10

Bad Juju

8 12 16


11 15 18


December 22, 2011


Didn't see a Dazzle guide. I think there used to be one, but I thought I'd make this until a better one comes along.


Not going to go in a lot of depth because Dotafire makes too much money off of our content. Feel free to message me if you have questions though.

- Starting with Sage mask is awesome for early mana regen. Get it if you can. Otherwise, get it as soon as you can.
- Harass and Deny: Dazzle's attack speed is awesome to get free damage and deny. Abuse it.
- Be cautious of your Shadow Wave heal, as you don't always want to push creep waves.
- Basic support role applies: ward, stacking/pulling, ward, dust, don't take kills from carries, etc etc.
- His Ult takes some time to build up armor so be aware of that and plan accordingly.
- Build situational items accordingly: get mek if team needs armor, pipe for spell resistance.
- If things are going well, get Mystic Staff and or Staff of Wizardy: the int will keep you in fights indefinitely.
- Since Dazzle only needs a few core items, you may want to buy Gem of True sight if having issues with invisible enemies. Though, carrying it is not as useful since you should be out of the fray supporting.

If you do your job, you can make bad, over-aggressive (pug) carries become unstoppable monsters. Occasionally you can get fed as Shadow Wave can be quite powerful in some fights. Just don't forget that you're still support and maintaining that role is how you carry a game.


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