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Dawn Breaker Support

December 9, 2021 by JakeKolkat
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Dawn Breaker Support

DotA2 Hero: Dawnbreaker

Hero Skills


1 4 7 11

Celestial Hammer

3 9 14 16


2 5 8 13

Solar Guardian

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+1100 Celestial Hammer Cast Range
2 Starbreaker Charges
-1 Luminosity Attacks Required
+150 Solar Guardian Radius
-20s Solar Guardian Cooldown
+50% Luminosity Crit Damage
+18 swipe/smash damage
+12% Celestial Hammer Slow

Dawn Breaker Support

December 9, 2021


In this build you will be focusing on your ultimate in teamfights as it grants 60% evasion to units inside the radius with Aghanim Scepter. Get Octarine Core or Arcane Blink; With Ocatarine Core or Arcane Blink its cooldown goes to 60 or 56 seconds (with talent).

This build is the most effective against opponents with too much auto-attack damage such as Phantom Assassin, Phantom Lancer, Templar Assassin, Ember Spirit, Elder Titan, Abaddon, Wraith King, Dark Willow, Morphling, Monkey King, Drow Ranger, Wind Ranger & ... .

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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