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Darude - Gankstorm

September 2, 2014 by Halekulani
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How to Solo Mid Against an Autist

DotA2 Hero: Sand King

Hero Skills


2 8 9 10

Sand Storm

1 3 5 6

Caustic Finale

4 11 12 14


7 13 16


15 17 18


Are you leaning against someone who is clearly not the brightest? Did your team insta-pick four carries? If either of these are true, it's time to play Sand King mid, not because it helps either of these situations, but because **** your team.

Early Game

Get Sandstorm first, and max it as quickly as you can. Don't use it until it's at at least level 3. Until then, farm up to a Ring of Health. If you see an easy kill in another lane, feel free to Burrowstrike in.

Mid Game - this is where it gets fun

At level 2, Sandstorm becomes "permanent". This means you can conceivably remain inside the sandstorm , for the cost of .8 mana a second at level 2, for the rest of the game. Normally this is irrelevant, but in this case this will be more or less exactly what you will do for the west of the game. At level 3, when you get Sandstorm level 2, walk up to the enemy's fountain and sandstorm right outside the area of true sight. If the enemy is a melee hero, they will be unable to farm. Moreover, any efforts to attack the creeps that are pushing the tower will be met by a surprising amount of dps from the sandstorm. When your creeps reach the tower, auto-attack it a few times, then immediately back off. Repeat. Make sure you deward at all times. Buy a gem if your opponent is not clearly autistic. Perseverence will enable you to occasionally Burrowstrike your opponent and still have the mana and health to stay in lane.

How to Sandstorm like a Finnish DJ

After you leave Sandstorm, there is a 1.5 second period of invisibility. At level 4, when Sandstorm has a 10 second cooldown, you can begin slowly advancing towards the river, in 1.5 second increments of movement. The sandstorm animation stays in the original location if you re-sandstorm while invisible, so you can potentially dodge high-damage are nukes such as Mystic Flare or Meat Hook. Practice this as often as you can.

Late Game

Just push. If you get enough gold to buy an Assault Cuirass, buy one, and team fight. Blade Mail is fantastic as well.

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