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Darkterror, The Faceless Void. [6.87] Beginner Guide For Faceless Void.

May 31, 2016 by ethan.kneprath
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Baby Boy Void

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

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Time Dilation

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Time Lock

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Darkterror, The Faceless Void. [6.87] Beginner Guide For Faceless Void.

May 31, 2016


Hello! This is the build I use while playing Faceless Void. This guide is meant to help you understand a little more about the hero, and hopefully show you how he should be played! as of 05/06/2016 I have a 83.3% win rate with the hero with 18 matches matches played. (Link to DotaBuff Profile). I hope this guide is insightful for you! feel free to ask any questions, constructive criticism is always welcome! and be sure to check out my other guides Here!


Time Walk

Faceless Void Dashed to a target location with a 675 radius of him. He also backtracks any damage that was taken in the past 2 seconds. Time Walk has a cooldown of 24/18/12/6 seconds.

Time Dilation

Faceless Void traps all nearby enemies in a time dilation field for 6 seconds, freezing their cooldowns and slowing their movement and attack speed by 8% for each cooldown frozen. Time Dilation has a cooldown of 40/64/28/22 seconds.

Time Lock

Faceless Void gains a 10%/15%/20%/25% chance to stun an enemy for 1 second, and deal 50/75/100/125 bonus damage. (This ability pierces spell immunity)


Creates a blister in spacetime, trapping all units caught in its sphere of influence and causes you to move very quickly inside it. Only Faceless Void and any units he controls are unaffected. Invisible units in the sphere will be revealed. Upgradable via Aghanim's Scepter. Chronosphere has a cooldown of 130/115/100 seconds. When upgraded with Aghs the cooldown becomes 60 seconds at all levels.


Okay, first I like to get a Poor Man's Shield. It provides extra auto attack damage from the bonus agility, and gives has 100% chance to block damage from heroes (20 damaged blocked if attacker is melee, 10 damage if ranged). It provides the same damage blocked against creeps, but only has a 53% chance.

After that, you can either a Iron Talon or get your Power Treads. Once you get either (or both) of those items, you can start on either a Vladmir's Offering or a Manta Style . Both are excellent options for damage and survivability. If you're getting singled out and focused in fights go for a Manta Style, It has the activatable ability to create 2 illusions that last 20 seconds. The melee illusions deal 33% of your damage, and take 350% increased damage. When activated, you become invulnerable, hidden, and spell immune for 0.1 seconds. This can be used to avoid damage if timed correctly. It also provides the ability to dispel some abilities that are cast on Void, It is also a great item for split-pushing. Manta Style has a cooldown of 30 seconds.
Vladmir's Offering Gives Void more sustainability in lane, and provides a lifesteal and bonus damage aura to nearby allies. Allies within a 900 radius of the owner will gain 15% lifesteal (10% if ranged) and 15% bonus attack damage. The holder also gains 0.8 bonus mana regen, 3 bonus health regen, and 4 bonus armor. (Illusions can provide this aura, but do not benefit from it).

Once you get those, surprise! you have another decision to make! You have a choice between two damage items, a Daedalus or a Monkey King Bar. Both are great Items, though I prefer getting the MKB over a Daedalus due to the fact that it provides True Strike which allows you to hit targets that have evasion.
Black King Bar or Maelstrom are both strong items that can be bought before or after either of those items, It all depends on the situation. Black King Bar gives spell immunity when activated and stops most CC (crowd control) effects like stuns, slows, debuffs, etc. Maelstrom gives Void the ability to clear waves faster and farm with ease, it provides attack speed, attack damage, and has the passive "Chain Lightning" which has a 25% chance to proc on each attack, when it procs it releases a bolt of electricity that leaps between 4 units and deals 120 magic damage to the unit it jumps too.

Lore + Sources

Darkterror the Faceless Void is a visitor from Claszureme, a realm outside of time. It remains a mystery why this being from another dimension believes the struggle for the Nemesis Stones is worth entering our physical plane, but apparently an upset in the balance of power in this world has repercussions in adjacent dimensions. Time means nothing to Darkterror, except as a way to thwart his foes and aid his allies. His long-view of the cosmos has given him a remote, disconnected quality, although in battle he is quite capable of making it personal.

Source for Ability info, Icons, and Abilities.

Info on all the Items can be found here.

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