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Dark Seer Jungle Guide

May 21, 2012 by jaslam
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DotA2 Hero: Dark Seer

Hero Skills

Mental Fortitude (Innate)


4 6 7 8

Ion Shell

1 3 5


2 10 12 13

Wall of Replica

9 11 16


14 15 17 18

Seer jungle build

I rate Dark Seer as a jungler more than a laner.
There are better heroes suited to jungle and/or laning than seer - but what makes seer so strong is his ability to gank.

Remember seer's base int /mana pool is very high so you should be able to shell quite freely for most of the jungle phase - it's your health that will be your enemy.

To be put simply tanking neutrals is the initial aim for the first few levels. Stick to the low to mid camps until you have a strong ion shell / survivability - an experienced jungler of course can stack the high/lvl 3 camp 3x in its safe spot (near radiant / dire mid 2nd tower) and of course take it down around level 5/7.

It is highly likely you will need to return to base at some point - but that is fine, it will give you a chance to pick up some items, fresh regen - and of course straight to gank. (good idea to pick up the obs wards bought by your support as this would be around the 6 minute mark.)

Jungle phase items

By level 4 and above you should be ganking the enemy's suicide lane as much as possible.
initiate by simply running up to them with shell on. However be smart. Most suicide lane heroes tend to have escape skills such as blink/leap/wave/weaver/puck etc - so who you surge can (yourself or team mate) will make determine the success of the gank. It will most probably be the disabler such as venge/lion/wd who is supporting the lane.

If you are ganking a trilane - let your team mates initate first with their disable - and enter with shell and vacuum from the back or side - this causes mayhem in the sense they cannot disable all of you - and a well placed vacuum will suck 1 hero or 2 heros back or absorb 2 stuns on you - for you team to not get disabled. you will notice I get shell up to level 3 only - the extra 20 damage a sec by this point is not as good as the greater level of vacuum with a larger aoe and damage. you also don't need it for neutrals as much. (recent updates have rescaled seers shell, so your level 3 dmg now is the same dmg as the old level 4)

KEEP Ganking - after a good gank it is easy to quickly return to neutrals and take down 2 camps in time for your enemy hero to return, and for you to gank again. This is why I like soul ring - so I can continue to use all my skills consistantely.

Post jungle

I ALWAYS build mana boots on DS - I don't know why people get phase and/or treads. Seer is a support hero with excellent skills to help allies or annoy enemy - your damage / ability comes from your allies strengths and your enemies weaknesses. mana boots allow both yourself and your laning allies to continue to gank at every opportunity

Vang or pipe is generally down to who your opponents - pipe is always best against nukers such as lina and lion - I have seen both be used - though I wouldn't get a vang if you're getting a pipe.

As always continue ganking - and don't be afraid to use wall, it last's long enough and the CD is pretty good - it is a good way to stop an enemy push or initiate an always messy clash.. vacuum really causes mayhem for the opposing team.
Also don't forget Wall also causes damage - 100 at level 1, every time an illusion is created. (so if an illusion is killed and they pass thru it again to create another, that is another 100 dmg)

Main gaming clashing phase

At this point you will be going into your late game items. I personally love Euls with Seer as it is now a targetted disable to stop enemies casting channeling and tp away. amazing mana regen, and easy to build - what I like particularly is the + 30 ms.

you have surge and don't need extra move speed you say? well chances are at this point of the game - all of your abilities will not be dropped on your carry or other intiators and no longer on yourself. Far better to shell and haste anti-mage than you run after him when he blinks. (it also makes for a sure kill with a 5 sec cd on blink, and 3 sec haste from surge + shell dmg) this is just an example. there are plenty of others.

Your aim at this point is disables. Of course sheeps stick is always the best disable, however it is very expensive and will take time to complete.

Force staff is a personal favorite on ANY support hero - surge yourself/ally and force staff yourself/ally and you will have 2 heroes after 1 instead of the one on his own. also adds to your ability to save your ally's ***es!!

Final thoughts

Final build is down to you - the beauty of Seer is even without items all his skills are deadly and if used correctly can destroy another team. Remember that you are a FULL BLOWN support. when possible give your kills to the heroes at laning phase, and get your *** back to neuts. Be smart, if you have 2 hard disable at level 1 then get FB at level 1. If you have a junero, tell him to get boots - shell him and watch him spin 160dmg a sec around a softy like lion/venge/cm etc.

Dark Seer is by far one of the, if not the, strongest support heroes, and when played well can cause chaos for the opposing teams.

You can mix the skill build up a bit - drop a level of shell to get level 7 vacuum, but generally you won't need to, and level 2 ion shell at level 7 is pretty pants tbh.

Also - don't add your skill point until AFTER the neutral creeps spawn at 00:30 you never know you might need that surge to help an ally or yourself in a gank or fb in your lane.

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