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Dark Seer Jungle Carry Guide

September 19, 2014 by nephim
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Dark Seer Jungle Carry

DotA2 Hero: Dark Seer

Hero Skills


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Ion Shell

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Wall of Replica

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Dark Seer Jungle Carry Guide

September 19, 2014

How to Carry with Dark Seer

Dark Seer farms very fast in the jungle.
When you get your 1st 300-400 gold buy Ring of Regen and Mana Pots if needed, then finish your Headdress and after that your Orchid Malevolence. It can also be crucial to get 2x Sage's Mask for extra mana reg before finishing your 1st Oblivion Staff (which is the ingredient in Orchid Malevolence). You dont generally need Boots at all until you have finished your Headdress and Orchid. I prefer Power Treads on Dark Seer because you dont really need Sorc Shoes when you have Orchid Malevolence.
Orchid Malevolence is the only Mana Restoring item you need, it solves all of your mana problems and it is great on Dark Seer.
After that buy BKB or Eye of Skadi 1st depending on the matchup, Eye of Skadi grants good survivability aswell as allowing you to chase down and solo targets with the combination of your Orchid Silence.
All the situational items are good on Dark Seer, but it all depends on the matchup and situation, Radiance for example is great if you wanna do massive AoE dmg, and Blink Dagger/Force Staff/Shadow Blade for even more soloing potential, Blade Mail also works wonders if you go toe to toe with the enemy carry etc.

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