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Dark Seer Carry/Durable/Initiator/Escape Hero

January 25, 2013 by royalty9495
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Beyond GODlike set

DotA2 Hero: Dark Seer

Hero Skills


8 10 12 14

Ion Shell

1 3 5 7


2 4 9 13

Wall of Replica

6 11 16


15 17 18

Dark Seer Carry/Durable/Initiator/Escape Hero

January 25, 2013

Item Build

Dark Seer is an Intelligence-type hero and thus majority think of him as a Support-type, you are gravely mistaken...

***[Item Build]***
()Arcane Boots [Must be acquired at once!]
()Vanguard [Get a Stout Shield ASAP / ***Vanguard must be acquired if you want to farm longer]
()Vladimirs [Take your time / ***Ring of Basilius must be acquired at once!]
()Radiance [Immediatly save for this item / ***Radiance must be bought ONLY after you have Arcane Boots & Vanguard]
()Heart of Tarrasque [To insure longevity of your hero during clash this should be bought right after Radiance]
()Blade-Mail** [If enemies are majority Melee-Type]
()Pipe of Insight** [If enemies are majority Spell-Oriented]
()Force Staff** [If you want to support oftentimes / If you're the master of the Wall of Replica]
()Shadow Blade** [If you want to really abuse your Ion Shell + Critical / Durable/Escape type hero]
()Rod of Atos** [If you want to assist your allies in killing an opponent instead of taking all of the kills]

** - Depends on enemies you have

Early Game

***Early Game:
-For me it is MANDATORY that you maximize your [Ion Shell] on Dark Seer and abuse the Skill, place the Ion Shell to your creeps (preferably the melee-type and the one who isn't taking damage at the time.)

-Secondly I recommend utilizing your [Surge] because your enemies aren't that stupid to get close to the "infected" creep, when the "infected" creep is chasing that hero you can cast surge on it to basically... Chase that unlucky enemy.

-[Surge] is also an escape tool so that you can avoid any unnecessary attacks from enemy creeps, heroes and tower.

Post-Early Game

***Post-Early Game:
-By this time you're probably at [Lvl: 6] and as expected you have killed most creeps since [Lvl: 1], your skill-build must be [Vacuum: 0] | [Ion Shell: 3] | [Surge: 2] | [Wall of Replica: 1]

-Expecting a good game, you would've killed or assisted at least 2-5 players by now.

-You begin to roam.

Mid Game

***Mid Game:
-After [Lvl: 7] you have now fully leveled-up your [Ion Shell: 4], now it's time to redirect your strategy to [Vacuum: 0]

-[Vacuum: 1] has a small AoE so... until it gets to at least [Vacuum: 3] save your mana.

-Don't forget to maximize your [Surge], this will serve as a support skill for you and your allies.

-Expecting a good game, you would've killed or assisted at least 6-8 players by now.

Post-Mid Game

***Post-Mid Game:
-Hopefully you're preparing to make your [Radiance]

-By this time you're currently at [Lvl:13], skill build must already be [Vacuum: 3] | [Ion Shell: 4] | [Surge: 4] | [Wall of Replica: 2]

-Now you get to serious business, since you don't want to die and delay what is inevitable (completing your Radiance of course...) I suggest a little farming will help, support your allies by making a [Wall of Replica], then you [Vacuum] them in the middle of the wall, then you [Ion Shell] either yourself or your ally and you [Surge] either yourself or your ally (whoever is in the Ion Shell skill)... Then let your allies push while you farm your way to a [Radiance]

-Expecting a good game, you would've killed or assisted at least 9-14 players by now.

Late Game

***Late Game:
-You have your [Radiance] then... unleash hell.

-Kill enemies on sight, assist allies, etc.

-If the game hasn't ended yet, prepare your [Heart of Tarrasque]

-Expecting a good game, you would've ended the game.

-Your score should be (K:15+ / D:05- / A:20+) | (K:05+ / D:05- / A:25+)

Post-Late Game until Armageddon

***Post-Late Game:
-You have your [Heart of Tarrasque] with you, don't be afraid and kill everyone!

-Carry your team to victory with both [Radiance] and [Heart of Tarrasque] with you.

-Abuse your skills and try your best to don't die.

-The game should be over.

-With a complete set of items at hand, all you can do right now is try and distract the enemy whilst your allies are pushing / defending.

-Abuse your [Surge] and make your allies confront/escape enemies.

-[Vacuum] enemies away from delicate buildings, with luck you can end the game soon.

-Use [Wall of Replica] to spots where the enemy won't ruin your allies attempt to destroy the delicate buildings (ie: the entrance of their well)

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