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Dark Pusher

November 30, 2012 by chaotea
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Hard Pusher

DotA2 Hero: Dark Seer

Purchase Order


Ring of Protection


Tranquil Boots
Soul Ring
Hand of Midas

Further Items

Battle Fury
Force Staff

Usefull Items

Boots of Travel
Mask of Madness

Hero Skills


Ion Shell

1 3 5 7


10 12 14 16

Wall of Replica



2 4 6 8 9 11 13 15 17

Dark Pusher

November 30, 2012


This is a small guide looking at using Dark Seer as a hard pusher. While often used as a support hero, his Iron Shell ability can help him to quickly decimate creeps. It is even possible to solo push a side lane.

Remember that having a single hard pusher on the team can help win games. While you may not be great in teamfights, you can both attack enemy towers and defend allied towers. This frees up the rest of your team to keep the other teams heroes in check.


A quick note on the skills. You will notace the concentration on Iron Shell. This is obvious im sure, but many may consider laving the other skill, especially his ult, in favor of stats a poor choice. There is however a reason for this. Level 4 Iron shell can clean out a enemy wave with ease, and is the focus skill of this buildup. Dumping points into stats will help keep your mana and health up in the early stages of the game, and the focus on Iron shell means saving all your mana for it, and not using on other skills. As for the ultimate, as it only works on heros, it isnt very usefull for pushing.


At the start of the game, buy a Ring of Protection, and a Soul Ring Recepie. Next head to a side lane, having acess to the side shop will prevent you from needing a courier.

As you gather money, rush Tanquil Boots. The passive and active abilities will keep you healthy. Next Grab a Soul Ring. The Soul Rings passive mana regeneration alone will help, and its active can get you mana in a pinch. Next is Hand of Midas. This alows you to get a good lot of money from a creep without taking a risk of getting to close, and instantly killing a single creep will aid you lane pushing. Finaly, Malstrom is a good item for pushers. Its passive will aid in last hitting, and its addtional attack speed will aid Dark Seer, who has a fairly low attack speed.

By this point you should be past the laning phase, so its time to push hard. Battle Fury and your Iron Shell will make quick work of creeps. Adding Crystalys will further aid this combo. A force staff will give you a decent chase / escape method, and the extra mana regen can only help.

Other items from this point should be chosen on how the game has progressed. You should have a decent income all round, so getting items wont be an issue. Boots of Travel will help you in your lane control, porting where you're needed. (You can dissemble your tranquil boots, saving 500 gold). Upgrading Malstrom and Crystalys is common sense. Mask of Madness can be worth taking as the extra attack speed can cripple towers and the movement boost will provide you an extra escape / chase option. Radience will stack well with your iron shell, and Bloodstone is a usefull HP / MP booster.


The basic stratagy is simple. Early avoid getting hurt. Last hitting is tempting, but avoid it if youll take damage. Once you have Tranquil boots you can take these small risks more readaly. Cast iron shell on the 2nd melee creep it the line. The 1st will die quickly. Once you have Soul Ring, and a few points into stats will allow you enough regen for at least 1 iron shell each wave.

The stratagy from this point is simple. Push lanes, avoid being ganked. Generally, you should avoid participating in teamfights, as you will be geared to fight creeps, and getting killed wont help anyone. While your allies swap blows with the other team, use the distraction to push hard. Should you find yourself in a teamfight situation, hang back, casting Iron shell and Surge on allies who will benifit (Tanks are best for this, as the have the HP to make best use of Iron shell, and are generally slightly slow, so surge will get them into the fight quickly).

Creeping / Jungling

A small note on this. Its best to leave jungleing till you have Level 3 / 4 of Iron shell. Once you do however, feel free to nip in to the jungle now and then, it wont take you long to clear it out.

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