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Darbows Build for Middle Chaos Knight(ck)

December 31, 2014 by Darbow
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Mid ck

DotA2 Hero: Chaos Knight

Hero Skills

Chaos Bolt

2 4 6 7

Reality Rift

1 3 5 12

Chaos Strike

9 10 13 14


8 11 16


15 17 18

Welcome (Introduction)

Hello this is Darbow I played Chaos Knight a lot and now I want to show my new (you can say crazy) Idea Middle Chaos Knight( No IO/Wisp needed)

Early Mid

Early Game you want to Get last hits effectively and deny. With the starting items of the branches and Circles you have a +7 to every stat. In other words HP, Damage, Armor, Attack Speed, Mana. You need it all and you will get it all for now. Use healing slaves if you need them just call courier. Depending on the hero you may have to harss them out of lane by just being a bully. Or if they have support help then deny the lane so you can get it on your side. Ganking in mid depends on where the other hero/heros our in the lane. Any time Reality Rift is up in lvl 1/3 use it straight away but don't be afraid to use it by tower/creep so you get bonus damage/ stun them so creep and tower help you get the early kills.

Now you should either have exp from solo lane mid and some ok last hits.

Use ring of aquila Turnon when you use first Ult and try to get some kills/towers.

Mid game

Try to Gank / Farm when you can when you get mid items up you can almost solo the other team.

Too use skills effectively

Just Reality rift then stun and start Toggling armlet. Turn to int boots anytime you ult and if you are good at switching anytime you use a fade bolt. Reality Rift bring all illusions so take out key heros first.

Games over.

Good Game Hope I helped you if only just a little. If you have any question I will answer below.

Pros / Cons

Pro Melts Stuff.

Con. Farming is a pain.

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