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Darakai Guide To Invoker

December 29, 2012 by rodrigotravessa
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Quas/Exort Sunstrike Build

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Hero Skills


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Darakai Guide To Invoker

December 29, 2012


This is my favorite build, mostly because i like to land beatiful sunstrikes arround the map, and because this build has a great damage output, making easy to you kill your enemy at early levels. The only requirement is to max exort as soon as possible, and have a good idea of how to use Divinity + sunstrike + meteor + defeaning blast to do a 1.5k combo

Laning Phase

here you will be just fine, at lvl 3 you will have something like 45+27 atk, if you manage to farm your phase until lvl 8 you will be able to right click almost any hero on the map, with this atack its easy to last hit and deny, to haras you can invoke cold snap, land 2 or 3 hits, if you think you can kill your oponnent invoke a sunstrike and do it. There is no mistery guys, a ton of atack damage + passive regeneration and mini stuns = lane win.


NEVER, and i repeat NEVER leave your lane without having sure that YOU, not your friend, not even your carry, will get a kill, invoker is heavily lvl dependent, and if you are losing exp ganking instead of siting at mid, so it has to worth your time. it is easy to gank with invoker, you can do 2 things,

1: summon ghost walk, cold snap, walk behind your enemy line, ask for some guys to come and just auto attack him while cold snap do its magic, and is he is getting away you can aways meteor/sunstrike him to finish the job.

2; Tornado>Meteor>defeaning blast=BOOM, easy kill.

keep in mind that these are easy combos, you can try to do some diferent things like, summon ghost walk, ice wall, and be ready to call the forge spirits, go behindo the enemy summon the wall and kill him. you also can change the spirits for a cold snap, keep in mind, icewall damage procs cold snap. suddenly they are almost stuned and suffering lots of damage right in front of you

Late Game

So now you have agamins and ult lvl 4, 2 seconds between all your spells, hum it sounds funny to me.
Always keep 2 forge spirits summoned, they help a lot and do massive damage to low armored targets, and lower the armor of other targets.
Invoker is a very versatile hero, so dont be stuck at the role you started on, at the end is when this hero really shines, with agamins you can start a battle as carrier, and finish as suport/disabler. go on land heavy nukes, now alacrity someone who has more dmg, cold snap his target, icewall to get your friends a way out, emp to drain the mana out of your foes, keep casting, until everything is on cd.

Here some things that worked for me in the late game

Sheepstick work very good with forge spirits, after the duration goes off you can cold snap a target with -10 armor.
Eul's Scepter + Meteor + Defeaning Blast/Cold Snap + Defeaning Blast/Cold Snap.
Do a mjolnir/MKB + alacrity, and destroy that annoying drow ranger in her own game;
Necromicom lvl3+ 2Forge Spirit= Great push power, you can take towers, racks even Roshan without much effort.
with a lvl 7 exort, 1 meteor anihilates a creep wave, so when you see a bunch of gold walking, get it.
and always remember QQW+R+D or they will use a dust, or you will live to fight another day.

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