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Cyka's guide at really sucking at DotA

January 22, 2014 by accended
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DotA2 Hero: Zeus

Purchase Order


Hero Skills

Arc Lightning

7 8 9 10

Lightning Bolt

1 2 4 5

Static Field

3 11 12 13

Thundergod's Wrath

6 14 16


15 17 18

Foray into the wild

See the first thing you want to do is press Shift+Tab then go to see all friends, after press change steam name and delete anything that was there simply adding 超 as a name

Why wards you ask ? and what do I do with them

The answer is simple my friends...

Never place them :D
Purchase only after being pleaded several times and keep them in the inventory they make you strong or something I dont know. But the secret to this guide and the final piece is to never ever under any circumstance place those words. If you happen to screw up and place a ward place it in the wrong place or die whilst placing the ward therefore assuring maximum awful

Creeping / Jungling

Take all of your carries last hits, if a carry moves to another lane promptly follow and steal last hits heres a flow chart to better aid you

Ranked Play

Youll never make it here so just keep scrolling

Pros / Cons

Pro it makes everyone hate you
Pro youll never learn a damn thing
Pro Its easy I guess ?
Pro It ends games really quickly

Con People will think youre special
Con You wont budge from **** tier
Con Might cause a severe form of autism

Team Work

There is none, just...just give up

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