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crystal maiden 7.02 guide

March 1, 2017 by terriblemann
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standard build regardless of starting jungle or not

DotA2 Hero: Crystal Maiden

Purchase Order

first part of the build

Animal Courier
Observer and Sentry Wards
Boots of Speed
Wind Lace
Magic Wand
Tranquil Boots
Glimmer Cape
Ghost Scepter
Observer and Sentry Wards
Tome of Knowledge
Smoke of Deceit

extension(vary based on game)

Blink Dagger
Force Staff
Veil of Discord
Rod of Atos
Guardian Greaves
Aghanim's Scepter
Black King Bar
Ethereal Blade
Gem of True Sight
Observer and Sentry Wards
Guardian Greaves
Eul's Scepter of Divinity

Hero Skills

Crystal Nova

3 5 7 8


1 9 11 13

Arcane Aura

2 4 14 16

Freezing Field

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+300 Crystal Nova Damage
+1.5s Frostbite Duration
+60 Freezing Field Damage
+250 Attack Speed
+14% Mana cost/Mana loss Reduction Aura
+150 Gold/Min
+250 Health
+100 Cast Range


Hello welcome to the crystal maiden guide for patch 7.02. This hero has a lot to offer for every team she is in. global Mana regen so your team can spam spells to secure their lane, an aoe nuke that slows movement speed and attack speed for 4.5 seconds, and a potential 3 second root that prevents blink, invis, and does damage! not to mention the root last 10 seconds on most creeps which gives her the innate ability to jungle at level 1 for fast levels and farm. Last but not least her ultimate ability gives an aoe movement slow and massive damage that can turn around a losing team fight or secure an objective since the radius is so large. This hero is very rewarding to play and can win you that sweet MMR :).

Pros and Cons

Good nuke damage and root to prevent escape when ganking
can jungle at level 1 to secure easy farm and fast levels all while not taking them from your carry
Global mana regen can secure lanes that your not even in
significant aoe ult that can punish enemies who tower dive as it slows and makes it harder for them to retreat

one of the lowest base movement speeds in the game
spells cost a lot of mana which makes it hard to use all your spells in one fight
extremely frail which makes her susceptible to ganks and usually a first target in fights
completely countered by bkb
weak laner


Crystal nova offers:
level 1:100 damage, 20% movement slow, 20 attack speed slow, 100 mana cost and 12 sec cd
level 2:150 damage, 30% movement slow, 30 attack speed slow, 120 mana cost and 11 sec cd
level 3:200 damage, 40% movement slow. 40 attack speed slow, 140 mana cost and 10 sec cd
level 4:250 damage, 50% movement slow. 50 attack speed slow, 160 mana cost and 9 sec cd
These affects last for 4.5 seconds at all levels
Frostbite offers:
level 1: 1.5 sec hero duration, 115 mana cost, and 9 sec cd
level 2: 2 sec hero duration, 125 mana cost, and 8 sec cd
level 3: 2.5 sec hero duration, 140 mana cost, and 7 sec cd
level 4: 3 sec hero duration, 150 mana cost, and 6 sec cd
100 damage per sec at all levels and last 10 seconds on creeps that are level 6 or below(all jungle camps besides ancients)
Arcane aura offers: mana regen at all levels, for yourself 2,3,4,8 for allies 1,1.5,2,3
Freezing field offers:
level 1: 105 damage 200 mana cost
level 2: 170 damage 400 mana cost
level 3: 250 damage 600 mana cost The cd is always 90 seconds the damage is calculated by how close they are to the center or the circle of the spell, the further they are away from you the less damage it does, if they are over halfway out of the circle then don't bother using the spell at the slow and damage is miniscule, the best way to use it is if they have dived too far and are wanting to retreat or if they have to focus on someone else in the fights other than you

Friends and Foes

Phantom assasin
shadow fiend
dark seer
for the most part crystal maiden works with heroes who can take advantage of her mana early on and heroes who can focus on midgame dominance her root early on can set up easy kills for heroes who have a good early game nuke or another good slow or stun to combo with, the goal is to take objectives early before the enemy cores get a bkb.
slark(slark pickers have 100% chance of having daddy problems)
nyx assasin
ember spirit
faceless void
anti mage
life stealer
zeus any enemy hero who goes manta style is pretty good against you or heroes who have aoe disables that can stop you from casting your ult, silence is bad too and spell immune heroes destroy you in fights since the only thing you offer is spell damage. with good positioning you can avoid a lot of the problems as long as your cores are good

Item(more detailed)

You have already read the build above so you already know what items to get but there are different scenarios that require correct item progression, you pretty much want tranquils every game for survivability and a wand for the early stats(if you don't have stat items at level 6 you cant cast all your spells in unison, a wand will solve this issue) wind lace helps solve movement speed after these 3 items that's where it varies, you either want a ghost scepter or glimmer cape, this is your defensive item since your so frail. Depending on the game you will actually want both of these if they have a good mix of physical damage and magical damage. If you think you only need one of these then afterward you will want a movement item such as blink or force staff, unless they have a silence that you cant avoid with good positioning then I would go for a euls instead. after that you could go for bkb if they have lots of ways of interrupting your ult, or aghs if your snowballing hard and they still don't have bkbs yet,if no one plans on building it go greaves if its going late game, ethereal blade is good if you need to save a teammate initator from right click, veil of discord is good if you have a heavy magic damage lineup and none of the others are building veil, (note if you go glimmer cape and a ghost scepter you can skip the movement item and go straight into a late game item such as aghs or bkb that way your not underwhelming in the fights)test around with what works for you every game is different and your going to need different items in different games. also buy wards and smoke.

Early game

you get your wards and your regen items you get both runes (hopefully) now what do you do? if you can start jungle and try to get a fast level 3 so you can start setting up kills in lane the way I do it is I go to a hard camp it spawns at 30 sec I kill the big creeps wait till I stack then kill the other big creep(this guarantees lvl2) then I go to another big camp and kill that creep after that I go to the enemy rune(make sure you warded their rune at beginning if possible) if its safe of course take their rune and then go back to grab mine, after this even if your not level 3 you should be close go to lane so your carry stops complaining and harass their lane and if you can set up a kill, if you can try to stack one of the pull camps at 3 min mark unless your harassing or killing then don't worry about it(cm is a terrible zoning hero for the most part so you have to rely on your carry to help you, if its a terrible early game carry then just spam your spells and hope he/she is getting farm) after your lane is secured or even if its not get a smoke and try to go mid for a kill if you can ( around night time you want to do this) the goal is to make use of time as much as possible, your either harassing enemy opposing your carry ganking mid or farming jungle or teleporting to your off lane to save them in dire situations, if you happen to have audge or mirana roaming with you then you can set up some deadly combos.

Mid game

at this point you want to have either your glimmer cape or ghost scepter or both( remember if you only get one you want a positioning item afterward or euls if they have a silencer) hopefully you have a strong midlane carry who can apply pressure at this point you don't want to farm jungle anymore unless your losing the mid game and there is a very important item you need, you need to be positioned carefully (YOU ARE NOT THE INITATOR) so let your carry go in first while you sit back and spam your nova on the enemy if they have an escape hero or invis make sure you root them. if your going on the offensive and taking towers try to stay towards the sides of the towers behind your cores and use your ult as a counter initation kind of thing that way they either have to target you first, or retreat(both of these can be good) if your playing on defense try to use your ult in the fog of war that way they are forced to retreat. make sure you use ghost scepter before the ult if they have a pa or something. if you have a lategame carry who isn't ready then your out of luck best is to farm for a late game item and play patient as you have to revolve around your carry with this hero.

Late game

At this point your enemies probably have bkbs or a means to deal with you somehow, this stage can be very difficult to deal with but you just have to be patient and try and bait out their bkbs, if your playuing defense just try and have good positioning on high ground and hope your carry is prepared to handle the enemies having a bkb is pretty good in this stage so your ult cant be interrupted easily aghs is also good so your ult isn't underwhelming other than that your goal is to try and get pick offs when a team fight comes if they have bkb your pretty much useless since your arcane aura doesn't even matter at this point, if it comes to late game and you have a mid game team you better hope you have enough objectives to give you a significant advantage, if you have a late game team than your in luck just try and keep your late game carry alive with a greaves if no one has it, scythe is another good purchase at this point if your enemies have a hero who is unbearable.


Crystal maiden is a mid game support hero who deals vast amount of magic damage and offers global mana regeneration, if your team has huge mid game presence then you should have an easy win as long as you have good positioning and the correct items use your spells sparingly since early on you have a low mana pool, try to get another disabler on your team since all you have is a slow and a root, other than that have fun! :)

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