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Countering common pubstomp heroes

June 10, 2015 by Hamstertamer
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Zrog (1) | December 17, 2015 2:54pm
Ghost Scepter should be mentioned as a Bloodseeker counter - even if he starts hitting hard, you activate Ghost Scepter and still TP away... :-)
Brigwen | September 19, 2015 7:34pm
Can you add about Troll Warlord? I think, he's one of newbie favorite hero now.
+ 1 great guide, very nice, so awesome, much learn.
Captain Crunch here (2) | June 10, 2015 5:32pm
Last thing- he is countered hard by stuns and burst damage. I think leshrac with a Eul's is pretty good, bc he can just sit there. Lion is good, earth shaker, etc.
Captain Crunch here (2) | June 10, 2015 5:27pm
But I understand you aren't updating it. :(
Captain Crunch here (2) | June 10, 2015 5:25pm
I like the guide! I have one piece of criticism though, if you don't mind. The bloodseeker is a bit outdated. Blood rite is good for rune control. Also, his thirst scales much better to 25% now instead of 0%. Another thing to note is that I generally go yasha basher on him, which kind of ruins the tp. He also is not a solo ganker- he ganks lanes to catch someone out with blood rite and rupture. I think that the counter is there, but it's not always a good idea to man fight him unless you are ruptured. Also, his lane presence is very mean with blood rage. He can have incredible sustain. I believe he is going to be picked up a lot at ti5
michimatsch (26) | June 10, 2015 4:51pm
No. This is wrong. Sniper is, hands down, pretty weak on his own. But if he got a team that can protect him he can be extremly wrong and his late game damage can be absurd (sry Sven).
And how is a Pudge countered by a Blade Mail? Or Ursa with his ult?
Pls think about what you write before posting it.
Edit: I feel like this seems like I want to provoke you. I don't.
But things are rarely as they seem
Yossarian | June 8, 2015 7:58pm
I feel this is an appropriate guide to rant about Sniper. He is, hands down, the worst hero in this game. What counters a Sniper? Everything really. I have a hard time thinking where this hero could be good, but all i can think of is his kill stealing potential. Also, at the time of this writing, Sniper is the most played hero this month, beating out even Pudge! I shudder whenever this hero is picked on my team, and laugh maniacally when he is picked on the other team. Free food.

Whew. Sorry, I had to get that out.

EDIT: Blade Mail destroys every hero on this list.
Bukler (1) | June 8, 2015 11:02am
How to kill slark:
He will always try to stay away from sight, then just buy a ****ton oof wards and place them in the common ward spots, buy dust if he goes shadowblade, try to not 2v1 him becuase he has a really good zoning ability (so unless you are playing tiny you are fu**ed).
Dont let you and your team mates feed him, always go in a group of two or try always to have a nice escape/stun/disarm
ChiChi (47) | April 4, 2015 1:52pm
Thank you both! Didn't knew I could edit comments, and will refer to that thread for counters now.
Hamstertamer (89) | April 2, 2015 11:51am
ChiChi wrote:

Can you update it to the current meta? Things like including Troll Warlord, Juggernaut and Axe

For stuff regarding current meta heroes it's in this thread :

Feel free to post there. This could possibly make another guide but not right now.
KoDyAbAbA (65) | April 2, 2015 11:30am
you can always edit additional content into your original comment chi chi.
ChiChi (47) | April 2, 2015 11:25am
Oops, only now I saw your conclusion! Ok, so no updates. New heroes then? :)
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