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Complete Guide Sniper by Dogjr

January 28, 2014 by dogjr
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Sniper for all round

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Purchase Order

Starting items

Core items buy based on order

All round Sniper buy based on Order

Damage oriented Sniper buy based on Order

Ghost Sniper Buy based on order

Farming Sniper

Last Core item buy depend on situation

Hero Skills


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Take Aim

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This guide is from my experience as player also this is my personal guide which by all means it doesnt must suit to your gameplay.


Sniper is a hero that if you build right, and play right he can take any hero you can offer and turn situation from losing into winning

Starting Items & Core Items

Starting items :
This for some stats and survival early which i realy recommend

Core items buy based on order :
- Wraith band and ring Aquila for damage,hp,and mana regenaration which kardel realy need
- Arcane boots , is realy rare item you see in any sniper , but if you ask,this is the true boots for sniper for THIS build. True its lack hp,agi,and attack speed but you get huge mana boost including restoring 135 mana for you and your allies every 25 sec which have huge impact in early to mid game play.
- Town Portal Scroll it must item in your inventory because its the only thing safe you from gang also it make you mobile hero because you can defend any tower and help you team pushing enemy lines.Buy 2 or 3
- Healing Salve since you dont have any regen item at all you must carry 1 or 2 for safety,the less you go back fountain for healing the more gold you can farm,remember kardel with 1/2 hp or 1/3 hp is always the main temptation for enemy, so make sure you always full health so at least the enemy attention can be distracted by your 1/2 hp friend, better they die then you die, keep in mind what i said.

Well before you have any question ? let me tell you something, sniper is just a creep with longer range ,without mana he only a simple creep with low hp, any hero that have stunt,blink,crit or slow can kill him .

All round Sniper Items

Well after you get your core item, its time to decide which path you take as sniper.
Now if you choose this, then this build for make you have decent hp,solid damage,and a good attack speed

- Desolator, well this is your main damage ouput item, it help a lot by reduce armor -7 and a good 60 damage.

- Manta Style, this is tricky item that you can play in many ways from fooling enemy by send one of your illusion to push top while the real hero go push bottom, sure you can trick bara to charge one of your illusion ,to help you confuse enemy in the battle , also its give you a lot hp and a good attack speed and reliable movement speed.

Your damage is not high, you dont have escape machines, but you have durability which most of time you will thanks for it. The most easy build and easy play

Damage oriented Sniper Items

Where sniper ???? where that little ****er ??? Holy **** i can take this abuse guys Concentrate your ulti take Sniper FIRST !!!! Well this is a scenario where you build this items. Right now you are the main enemy target,better watch your back

- Daedalus , now you are creep with heavy crit, any sucker you hit will die so quick in the blink of eyes

- Monkey King Bar , well this is make any butterfly or evade will void, also it add a heavy damage + a decent attack speed.

True you just a creep, but realy a vicious creep, you can cut any heroes in matter of sec, even 4000 hp tanker will says " Ouchh " . The only problem if enemy make blade mail, well just hit carefull remember check your enemy item before you hit them. This is normal build and normal play.

Ghost Sniper Items

If you adrenaline junkie, then this build will make your game feel like hell, enemy heroes one by one will stalking you, lurking, and come in horde like zombies to kill you, they dont care about die, they dont afraid anyway,their hearts fill with greed and lust in their eyes, only a image of divine rapier, for them you are treasure chest ready to plunder and loots.

Now we all talking you now are a most wanted person in the game, this can be used for trick enemy into trap for they will fallen because greed and temptaion.The Ghost Sniper is sniper play that never reveal his position to the enemy the only thing they know is your projectile in their head.And you move into shadow waiting for new chance to strike again. This build only work if your team crew member is working together with tactical movement, this need a lot of warding and heavy team play, you cant play solo anymore, no more Rambo , you need your team mates !!!!

- Shadow Blade, this turn you into Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, i am sure we dont need to talk about this.

- Divine Rapier, realy for 6200 gold is provide 300 damage is not a bad offer, this turn your puny gun into bazooka,no need fancy crit, why you ask Divine ??? well when you buld shadow blade that cost 3000 gold which realy didnt give you enough damage, so the only cheap choice for damage is this, Keep in mind the time when enemy see you hold divine rapier is the time they all die and your team raze their barrack ,failed to do that have another bad consequence,this item will give you end game realy quick. You must seize the oppurtunity for hitting them first , dont waste time anymore before they realize the ghost sniper is holding Divine that will end the game quickly as possible

- Aegis of the Immortal well this is insurance policy, if all goes wrong, you still got second chance, be first to secure it , make it second option after raze enemy barrack

- Blink Dagger ahaaa for 2150 gold you can blink, another good tool for ghost sniper to in and out in battle, dust now have little effect because you can blink now, and enter ghost mode again after dust effect finish, this will make headache to the enemy team since they cant touch you easly like before . It rare to see kardel buy dagger in game.
Well not for Ghost Sniper. It must have.

Never use this build if your dont have confidence in your abilities and your team mate,better practice with bots to get a feeling how to do it, since its will take a lot of trial and error before you got hold how to play it. Well at least bots dont complain you build Divine and drop it ..... in real game they will mock, curse you or in worst situation they will report you as RUINER ..... well be a ghost sniper is not always flower and honey , sometimes you eat dirt and dust more or less....

The most difficult to play, but easy build.

What is mean to be a Sniper ?

The first reason you read my guide , for you to understand the main role sniper is to support your team,by support mana with arcane , harrasing enemy heroes,tower,or simply to clear creep wave,also to slow enemy all in one complete bundle skill name Shrapnel at lvl 4 it gives you 48 damage / second + 30 % slow with a nice radius 400 for 9 sec, and the good news you spam this skill every 15 sec from 1800 range .

Most people play Sniper forget this and press in headshot or stats, before that let me tell you this, no matter how good you farm you just a creep at lvl 8 - 9 which is the critical time for your team either they push or being pushed by enemy, any reliable support is realy needed, Sniper with lots of mana and Shrapnel at lvl 4 can give a lot of harrasment, also you can spam your Ulti from a far.No mana no Good, keep that in mind.

Bad sniper play is the one who only farm and dont do much in team fight. Yes true you are squisy hero ,poor armor and hp, but you have range , use it for your advantage, always carry TP scroll , to escape from losing battle, never reveal your position to the enemy by keep harrasing with Shrapnel and Assassinate all from fog.You do this ,you are sure force to reckon with and valuable asset.

How to Play Sniper in Team War ?

1. Never reveal your position, stay behind in safe lane ,hide in forest or fog
2. You see the enemy shoot it with pallet, and go quick use your Assassinate
3. Mana is important without mana you only can use Assassinate max twice,that where arcane boots came in handy.
4. When you see your team mate lock clash with enemy, this is were your jugdement put into test, which one you gonna help, when you reveal position, it all about timing, this is require experience,seasoned veteran dota player ,know who,where,and when to make a war. Keep practice
5. Finally Damage is the most important that people forget, Sniper without damaage is bad one Sniper, you better buy Divine Rapier then Butterfly. If you can take enemy with 1 shoot ,why not ? do you not afraid with sniper that carry Daedlus and Divine Rapier ?? just one shoot can make Heavy Crit 1000 +++ well one shot its require,all for safe a far.

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