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Clockwork Beginner Guide

April 15, 2013 by Doom256
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Build 1
Build 2

Solo Lane/Semi Carry

DotA2 Hero: Clockwerk

Hero Skills

Battery Assault


Power Cogs

2 4 8 9

Rocket Flare

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


12 13 14 15 17 18

Clockwork Beginner Guide

April 15, 2013


-Strong Ganks
-Good Harrass
-Scout Ability
-Enemies HAVE TO get Wards
-Easy Lasthits + Harrass (E)
-Lots of DMG

-Not that tanky
-No Carry
-Weak against Silence/Blink/Force Staff
-Easy to gank
-Depends on good Teammates


First off, your main goal is to Gank..... a lot.
You have to be a major pain in the *** for the enemy team.

That said, u cannot do much wrong with clock, because u are not item dependant or lvl dependant. But u get a lot stronger if u farm and gank well. After Phase Boots, which i really recommend, u can roam a lot. Push sidelanes, help teammates getting away, or getting a kill, or take the kill yourself (don't ks though).
Clock can easily turn a game around by killing overextended enemies, or getting them in woods or sidelanes alone.

If the game takes a bade course and u cannot do anything use "E" to farm and defend lanes, while staying with team. WAIT FOR YOUR MOMENT, dont rush things.
Remember u are not the "main" carry; if the team needs u as support play as support; if the team gets too much magic dmg buy "Pipe of Insight"; if u have a problem with one specific hero counter him with items (Riki/Necronomicon, Warlock/Orchid, Nightstalker/Heavens Halberd......).
Clock works with almost every item!!!!
Dont Feed!!!!!
Wait for the right moment, and realize the wrong ones!!!!!

And the most important thing: HAVE FUN with your "new" asset Clockwork.

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