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clockwerk isnt a ganker...

April 25, 2012 by crackhead125
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DotA2 Hero: Clockwerk

Hero Skills

Battery Assault

2 8 9 10

Power Cogs

4 12 13 14

Rocket Flare

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

clockwerk isnt a ganker...

April 25, 2012


What's up all? This is my second guide on here so This one should be a little more in depth than my viper guide. Starting off I'm not going to list all of Clockwerk's abilities because I don't feel this is a toon for beginners I will assume everyone reading this is familiar with his abilities. I will however be referring to his abilities as assault, cogs, rockets, and hookshot just so we are clear. All the guides on here show Clockwerk as a ganker and while its true Clockwerk can be an effective ganker I feel his value in a team fight is much greater than his ability to gank effectively in the early/mid game. I personally Started playing Clockwerk with some of the builds listed on this site as well as with watching some videos on Youtube and my play style as a result has been a combination of a lot of tactics with Clockwerk. Some people might have some questions about the skill build or the item build, in fact I know there will be some about the item build. I am on the site often and have no problem talking about this guide so long as its constructive and not a troll fest. So with that lets get into the soft center of this guide.

Skill Build

Since I don't play Clockwerk with ganking in mind, though I will gank if the moment arises, I take Rocket flare first. I skill and use rocket flare as soon as the game starts and I send it right at the enemy fountain. This will let you seen who on their team is going where. You might need to wait in your fountain for one cool down to send it again just to be sure. I like to solo lane with Clockwerk if I am able too however if I'm not its ok the play style doesn't change. This play style revolves around rocket flare for the first ten minutes of the game. You are going to want to stay back while still in xp range and spam rockets at the enemy creeps and hero's. You are going to want to get as many last hits in per rocket as possible as well as hitting every enemy hero you can.
Don't be scared to run in and melee last hits as well when you can, I mean you are a strength hero after all. By the time you are at half mana the enemy hero's should be at half health which will bring a good degree of lane control because you will have assault at this point two or three levels into the game so if they get close enough to last hit your creeps you can pop that and go about your business and they will be forced to stay back.
At level 4 you pick up Cogs which is a great skill in a wide range of situations. One that I like to point out is the fact that it can be used as a wall to block people in or out, as well as a way to cover your back side as you escape. When your being chased you can pop cogs and then make sure you quickly hit A to attack and select the cog you need to destroy to escape...preferably on the opposite side of what ever you are try to escape. It might take a few tries to get cogging and then attacking one and moving out down but its worth it.
Power Cogs are well...Power Cogs a death sentence for them and fun for you! Pretty self explanatory, cogs people in or out, The life/mana drain when they are touched is great when you cogs someone int he middle of the enemy group. I use it at the beginning of a team fight to trap an important player and make sure they die and again in the middle or the end of the fight to trap and kill fleeing hero's. Very useful skill, takes some getting used too. Assault>hookshot>cogs>HH>flare>dead
Hookshot...Zelda anyone? love this move. Make sure you don't hit a creep or friendly hero with this your it wont go off, that is unless you picked up the scepter which I usually do not. If you hit a friendly unit nothing will happen. If you hit an enemy creep you will hookshot to them, don't hit a creep hit an enemy hero. I usually run off the the side of my group, just enough to allow me a good angle to hookshot into the group. you know the rest.

Item Build

Starting Items
- Iron branch x3
- Circlet
- tango
- clarity x 3

I pick up three branches and a circle in the beginning for the +5 to all stats which I fell gives a strong advantage in the first few levels when Clockwerk is most vulnerable. It gives him more hp/hp regen, mp/mp regen and some defense. I have found that using a similar set up with a lot of hero's can be quite beneficial especially in a pub. The tangos and clarities are pretty self explanatory, tangos give hp regen in lane and the clarities help with your mana loss with this play style.

Early Game
- mana boots
- magic wand

I go for the magic wand first usually because of the in lane healing and mana regen it gives. You should have already bought most of the items necessary to make it, and it is easy to get. The mana boots are a great way to constantly have mana to draw on. These should both be bought around the ten minute mark. These items should keep you in lane and in combat well enough to get your job done.

Core Items
- Vanguard/Hood of Defiance
- Heavens Halberd
- Radiance

Ok starting off Clockwerk isn't the squishiest but he isn't the hardest either and when you find your self toe to toe with Ursa in the cogs you are going to want to serious defense. Vanguard is by far the most common and best defense item you can get with Clockwerk. The reason I have it listed as Vanguard/hood is because you don't always need the hood and you almost always need the vanguard. I will leave it up to your best judgement as to which to buy. Obviously if you are not fighting anyone with melee the vanguard isn't as important as the hood.

Heavens Halberd - This item gets its own little paragraph. I have to first say I love this item on Clockwerk. It adds a 25 extra damage to your melee attack which never hurts, it gives you 20 strength which is obviously good for a strength based hero, it also gives you 25% evasion which is nice you have when your in the cogs with someone, and lastly but most importantly is the active use disarm on the weapon. It is a great way to ensure you walk out of the cogs and your enemy doesn't. There is a very angry Ursa and you locked inside of the cogs for six seconds, your stun just wore off, you hit your assault, you are hoping that 25% evasion is going to make a difference, ursa is about to seriously tear into your armor...what do you do? well make sure he can't hit you for 3 seconds. It works really well against ranged carries as well since the disarm lasts for one second longer on ranged. Heavens Halberd is a really good item when used in combination with your abilities so that you can seal off an kill who ever you need to at the beginning of a team fight.

Lastly but not leastly is radiance. Radiance is a really good item on Clockwerk because of the damage it gives off when people are near when your in the cogs. I usually pick up radiance last if there are no situational items I need more. I don't put a lot of stock in this item though because of its high cost, which really makes it a luxury item but at the same time it's worth makes it more. It is really up to you as to when/if you grab a radiance because you usually won't have this till late game anyways. Radiance just adds extra damage for no mana cost which is just another way you might make it out of the cogs alive.

Situational Items
The name says it all situational. You don't always need these but you might. pretty self explanatory.


I usually pop assault before I hook shot so I can make the most of six seconds. Then you need to pick a target, which if your not playing in a pub will be decided by the team. If its a pub I like to go for their carries or support depending on the game situation. If they have Enchantress, Dazzle or Omniknight, I like to get them out first because of the amount they can heal their teammates. If their carries isn't well geared or out leveled you, you can target him to make sure he doesn't get any more xp or gold. Hookshot to your chosen target with assault going and hit cogs, if they start to wail on you zap them with HH and shoot a rocket at their face if you want too and all that with your team they should be dead. Threat assessment is required in any team fight so know who to attack and in what order and have fun.

Quick Play

Early Game
get rockets, harass/last hit with them, kill hero's if your able to in lane but don't go Rambo. Get your farm quickly, get your mana pool and regen up and spam rockets.

Mid Game
Help with team fights, tower pushes, or ganks. Focus on getting farm, build your inventory, play smart and give them hell and slaughter their carries when the fights go down.

Late Game
Use those items you have to pretty much do the same thing as mid game!


Learn your enemies. Know what hero's do what kind of damage. Some people you normally wouldn't want to hook to you can with this build because of the HH, don't be afraid to get in there your tanky enough to get hit and you hit hard enough to kill people.

Don't be afraid to die. Your an initiator, if you start the fight and you die but your team kills 2+ of the enemy team its worth it especially if it was their carry.

Be creative with cogs. They can save a life or end one, just know when to do one or the other.

Most off all be flexible, guides are just that guides. They are not perfect and they can't account for every situation. Just pay attention as to whether or not you need the vanguard or the BKB, I have purchased a shadow blade before just for some more survivability. This is a standard play style of mine for pups and not pups.

Have fun with it, I know I do. Remember kids, the best armor is also the best armor.

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