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Clockwerk for Scrubs

August 6, 2014 by ThePaleGod
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Aggressive Mid Clockwerk

DotA2 Hero: Clockwerk

Hero Skills

Battery Assault

3 5 9 12

Power Cogs

2 8 13 14

Rocket Flare

1 4 7 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Clockwerk for Scrubs

August 6, 2014

How to fight other Mid-Lane Heroes

Clockwerk is a great Mid-Lane Hero and is able to counter most others. When fighting Pudge or Templar Assassin; make sure to have battery assault and cogs. These abilities are very good against any over aggressive hero. If Pudge hooks you towards him use battery assault as soon as possible. This will prevent him from carrying on into his ultimate (which disables). If you are feeling confident and feel you have the advantage use cogs to confirm the kill and prevent him from running. Another key thing to remember when fighting Pudge is to kill him before he reaches level 6. If you can get your ultimate before he does, you will dominate the lane. If Pudge uses rot remember to keep base hitting him as well as using battery assault, this will deal more damage than he does to you and BA(battery assault) will prevent him form base hitting.

Fighting TA is a bit more challenging, if so it is good to carry dust of appearance as she has invisibility. Keep in mind that she cannot move while invisible. When she is invisible walk up to her and place cogs and dust at the same time (if you know where she went invis), quickly after use battery assault. This will eat away at any refraction charges she has. That way you can fight her evenly. When fighting her it is also good to continually us flare to harass.

Another important thing when fighting most agility champs mid-lane is; Rune Control. Have supports use wards near rune-sites to keep in check where the runes are and who has what rune.

Most of the strategies are easily picked up with Clockwerk and work on most mid lane heroes. It is harder to fight people like Storm Spirit, QoP and Mirana because of their escape potential. In a game like this I would recommend going in a duo-lane.

When fighting heroes that harass, just harass them back with flare. Make sure that you get as many last hits and not when they are in range of you. If someone like Kunkka or Drow is harassing you use flare a couple times on them and then go for last hits. Avoid approaching them especially from the front. If you approach Drow use your ult to get close to her as quick as possible, and then use BA and Cogs while basic hitting.


Cogs are used as the first ability in order to trap greedy players and pull creeps. As Clockwerk it is good to lane with a ADC ie, Drow, Viper, Sniper. When you are close to the fight they are able to pick people off without being close. Another good person to be with is Vengeful Spirit. Her ult swaps places with the person targeted. Something my friend and I did was swap them when Clockwerk was by a tower, he would then use cogs and finish the job safely with the tower's company. She can also swap with you if you get in a scenario that does not work for you (near death). Other heroes I suggest are Lifestealer, Pudge, Puck, Darkseer.

When with Lifestealer let him infest you. He will be inside of you and able to come out when you initiate a fight. This is a good strategy for early game pickoffs.

Blocking pathways off is very effective. If you have a Pudge on your team and you are being chased by multiple people block the pathway you are on by using cogs. If they run up to the cogs they will be pushed away. The cogs should give you enough time for Pudge to pull someone onto the side you are on and kill them safely.

If Puck is with you he can help confirm kills with his burst damage as well as silence them.

Darkseer is my favourite combo by far. Have him use vacuum on a group of people it is then good to have someone with an AoE slow like CM and Warlock or someone with an AoE stun like Centaur, Slardar or TideHunter. After they are slowed or stunned and near each other because of the vacuum, Clockwerk should then grapple them and use cogs, BA and flare. They will all be in a small area and easily be able to be nuked. Be warned that this require great teamwork and precision. I have only ever completed this once and it was an unplanned miracle which ended with me questioning my sanity.

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