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April 26, 2013 by asaboom
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The Hard carry

DotA2 Hero: Clockwerk

Hero Skills

Battery Assault

8 9 12 14

Power Cogs

2 4 10 13

Rocket Flare

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18


This is my guide to CLockwerk, it is focused mainly on hitting power and being able to kill lots of heroes. i would definitly advise you know the basics about clockwerks skills so you can use this build properly. The downside to this build is its lack of armor and hp items.
so. . .
Lets get started!

The Basics of Clockwerk

clockwerk is one of the most fun heroes to play. early game you spam the rocket flares to last hit and harass, and maybe get a kill. i use the cogs as an escape or a good tool for keeping a pushy enemy locked in so my team can attack him. the battery assault is a small AoE ability where clockwerk causes damage around himself in a small area, perfect for enemies trapped right next to you :). CLockwerks ultimate skill is hookshot, this skill is the opposite of pudges hook, instead of dragging the enemy to you, you drag yourself to the enemy, causing stuns and a good ammount of damage.

Now that you know his skills, its pretty obvious what to do with them. You catch a hero with hookshot, lock them in with cogs, use your battery assault and right click the enemy like crazy then rocket flare to finish the job. Like i said this build focuses mainly on clockwerks physical hitting power and later his armor and hp (for more survivability).

Starting Items

For starting items i went with 2 tango, 1 healing salve, 3 clarity, and 3 ironwood branches.
the reason i did this is so i could stay and farm the lane for a much long period. As always you get the rocket flare ability first and spam it to get last hits and harass like crazy. Also, i upgrade the power cogs before the batter assault for one reason, a good escape, if you're farming a lane and get ganked, nothing works better to escape than the cogs.

Early-Mid game

In this stage, i immediately start my power treads, the movement speed and attack speed are nice and you get some good stats, i generally keep the treads on the strength attribute for the extra hp. after the power treads i build the oblivion staff, it is a bit odd to have an intelligence item for clockwerk but the mana regen is spectacular, and i use the oblivion staff while i'm building my battle-fury, and once i finish the battle-fury i sell the oblivion staff. At about level 8-9 i roam around quite a lot, almost constantly and its a good idea to be in team fights. the cogs are good mental deterrents (especially with new players as they are freaked out by the cogs ^^) and they play an important role in team fights, the cogs themselves cause mana and hp loss to enemies who hit them and in general only the experienced players know how to counter them efficiently.

Late Game

After you get the battlefury, your next build is completely situational, if they have a bunch of tanks get some armor and hp items, if they have more squishy intelligence heroes you might want to consider getting some more damage items, as for the hp and armor items i would suggest getting the assault curias, or the blademail (personally is suggest the blademail). as for damage items, i would say go for the radiance or MKB, the mkb is nice for the extra damage and the attack speed. other decent items would be the BKB, Heart of Tarrasque or the agahims scepter, personally i dont like getting the scepter, it has good stat bonuses, and the hp/mana are nice, but i dont think it is a huge help to clockwerk. Other good items are the bloodstone and the armlet (really helps you right click the **** out of those enemies :).


This build really only werks (:D) if you dont feed and play smart, only go for the kill if you need to and make sure to watch out for ganks. get lots of last hits and only gank after you have at least 1 level of battery assault and 1 level of hookshot.
well, this is all i have, please post in the comments if you tried and like the build i have used it in multiple instances and got great results.

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