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Clinkz playing as an Eliminator

December 29, 2013 by Novadi
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Clinkz - Eliminator build

DotA2 Hero: Clinkz

Hero Skills


3 9 12 14

Searing Arrows

1 4 5 7

Skeleton Walk

2 8 10 13

Death Pact

6 11 16


15 17 18

Clinkz playing as an Eliminator

December 29, 2013


Remember, this guide is the guide I almost-always use every time I use Clinkz. This is my first guide so please don't go hard on me. Okay back to the build, you must always remember that Clinkz is a very fragile hero so remember to stay back from the creeps and fast farm by last hitting creeps. For a sure early kill situation, wait until you get to level 3 where you already have the Skeleton Walk + Searing Arrows + Strafe Combo, then if you are with a disabler/stunner teammate, move just right behind your target. Let your teammate stun/disable (remember to have your searing arrows auto-casted) then use Strafe and then get an early kill. After the kill, remember to move back because you may not know the enemy team has noticed and sent back-ups or there were enemies hiding/farming nearby. So always keep in mind that Clinkz is a VERY FRAGILE HERO which can also be easily countered by disablers. And if you already have your ultimate, use it on a strong neutral creep before ganking so just right after you use Death Pact, it's either you can kill the remaining creeps or just Death Pact then Skeleton Walk away and move right into the gank. Also remember that you can be easily countered by Sentry Wards or a Gem of True Sight. Be sure to farm fast as doing this makes you a great threat to the enemy team. If you already have an Orchid Malevolence, watch the minimap for solo enemies. If you think you can kill him/her, use the Orchid on him/her then (remember to have your searing arrows auto-casted and stay behind so he/she can't escape) do the combo as I have Stated earlier. Clinkz is somewhat considered as a Hard Carry but many players say Clinkz can't be described as a hard carry as he is very fragile and he can just be classified as a carry.

An Extra TIP: Remember not to be too greedy. Don't always do the level 3 fast kill if your disabler/stunner teammate's stunning/disabling skills are still in low level. Just make sure to max your Searing Arrows before Strafe or Skeleton Walk but remember to get your ultimate

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