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Clash N' Bash

August 29, 2022 by gumby12
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Experimental Build (will be updated)

DotA2 Hero: Primal Beast

Hero Skills


2 9 14 16


1 3 5 7


4 8 11 13


6 12 18


10 15 17

Hero Talents

Cannot Be Rooted Or Slowed During Trample
+67% Pulverize Duration
+7 Armor per Uproar stack
+20% Trample Attack Multiplier
Beast dispels himself when activating Uproar
-5s Trample Cooldown
+90 Onslaught Damage
+25% Magic Resistance during Trample

Clash N' Bash

August 29, 2022


Level trample first, and start with brown boots for extra speed and 1 set of tangos. At level 1 you are a threat, look for an opportunity and trample a hero during the bounties phase or if any mistake is made because Trample does significant damage. Next build Soul Ring and Phase boots to deal with any mana issues and creep collisions when chasing, and to effectively increase your damage while trampling creep waves or camps, Beast is extremely good at farming waves and camps once you have a soul ring.
If you have a reliable teammate in your lane at level 2, don't be afraid to Onslaught from the trees near just out of tower range then trample them. Once you have your phase boots, you can jump between creep wave and camps and trample all of them, to increase cash flow.


Build a BKB ASAP so that your ultimate cannot be interrupted.Use Onslaught to chase, or to escape.
When you pop BKB (Only then) Onslaught in and Pulverize the carry, or someone with key teamfight abilites, and ideally your team should clean them up during this time. The next item is Desolator which will add damage to your trample. Trample camps while you wait for a fight to start, then BKB,and Onslaught to it.

Late Game

Onslaught or Phase Boots into fights, pop BKB, then Pulverize the Carry, or anyone with major teamfight potential. Then Auto-Attack and once stunned trample them out of existence. If Onslaught is off cooldown you can chase an escaping enemy, or if things go south Onslaught out after poping BKB. The Moonshards may seem excessive, but when you are on cooldown or attacking towers, you will be glad you have them.

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