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May 23, 2020 by CJ.CaptainJack
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Position 5 semi jungler - late carry

DotA2 Hero: Terrorblade

Hero Skills


13 14 15

Conjure Image

2 3 5 8 12


1 4 7 9 11





Hero Talents

+20s Metamorphosis Duration
-34s Sunder Cooldown
+10 Conjure Image Duration
+10 All Stats
+15% Reflection slow
+300 Health
+10% Conjure Image outgoing damage
+2s Reflection duration


May 23, 2020

Position 5 - semi jungle - late carry

As TB is very hard to get hero grown up, the style of play and micro-decisions are way more important that the build itself. The build is pretty standard and works very well. The idea is to get the most stats as quickly as possible and be a heavy hitter.

Defense is the main challenge with TB, his ulti tries to balance his lack of defense, however it is an absolute art the master how to use that ulti, considering debuffs, magical damage finishs and so on ...

General overplay challenge is to get your farm first 15min while you're not helping your team. Hope that your late carrying does not come too late ... It's a very risky hero to choose. Outcomes with TB are eather you kill it in the mid / late game and your opponent gets destroyed, or you get destroyed quick and bad.

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