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September 15, 2020 by CJ.CaptainJack
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Build 1
Build 2

Position 2 core snowball

DotA2 Hero: Razor

Hero Skills

Plasma Field

2 4 8 11

Static Link

1 3 5 7 12

Storm Surge


Eye of the Storm

6 10


Hero Talents

+1 Eye of the Storm Targets
+80 Attack Speed
-0.1 Eye of the Storm Strike Interval
+6s Static Link Drain Duration
+14 Strength
+5 Static Link Damage Steal
+9 Agility
+30 Plasma Field Damage


September 15, 2020

How to use this guide ?

Position 2 snowball guide for core Razor. Stable for my style of play : agressive and position based. Absolutely not the regular Razor build. Adapt your build to the way you play and you the way you get supported by your team.

This is a snowball guide adapted for smart agressive players, Razor of course being played as core rather than support.

This build gives great advantages for ganking, solo maintinling your life during team fights (yes HH or vladimir maintains your life).

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