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Chingster's Dota 2 Hero Guide

June 4, 2015 by Chingster
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A New Windranger

DotA2 Hero: Windranger

Hero Skills


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Focus Fire

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What's up guys? For too long has Windranger been held back by other "carries" who think they deal more damage, have better spells, or are just more important in the game. But I will show you why Windranger is one of the best heroes in the game, with some of the best skills and ability to alter the game.


Buy two tangosat start with a magic stick. These two items will allow you stay in lane and farm comfortably.

If you are middle I would recommend buying a bottle. If you are solo you should probably get an urn, but both of these items are up to personal preference. Personally, I don't think Windranger should ever be middle or solo.

After my phase boots I tend to go straight Desolator. It gives Windranger the much needed damage to be on the same field as some other carries.

However, the most important item is the aghs. The allows her ult to fire without any damage reduction. At level 16 you can be easily dishing out 450 damage per second to enemy heroes.

Blink and Shadow Blade are interchangeable, and I tend to get both sometimes. Blink is necessary for better positioning for the shackleshot, while shadow is necessary to get close and get kills.

Finally, the Daedulus is the cherry on top. Once this item is achieved, Windranger doesn't need anymore damage as she will most likely be the strongest hero in the game!

If you still have open slots because you chose either blink or shadowblade (not both), then I would recommend purchasing a heart which makes Wind very tanky.

Item Timings

Depending if you get first blood or not, phase boots should come anywhere between 4 minutes and 8 minutes. 4 minutes if you get first blood, 6 minutes if you are aggressively farming, 8 minutes if you are having a tough lane, or 10 minutes if you are splitting/giving last hits to the other hero in your lane. If you find yourself getting the boots AFTER the 10 minute mark you should reconsider going straight desolator and probably go into a force staff maelstrom build.

A good timing for the desolator is about 18 minutes. The lowest I have every gotten it is 12 minutes (spectacular!). The latest you want to get it is about the 22 minute mark.

You want to have this item around the 28 minute mark. Usually it should come around the same time you are turning level 16. The latest you want to get it is about 33 minutes, but really anytime is good. Probably won't be able to get it until the 23 minute mark even with an amazing game.

The Daedulus can come anywhere from the 36 minute to the 48 minute mark. Because you are so strong without it there is no particular rush, but the sooner the better. The item will most likely come around 46 minute mark if you buy both a shadow and blink, the 42 mark if you just buy a shadow or blink, or the 38 minute mark if you go straight daedulus (after deso and aghs).


One of the best abilities in the game, and I still don't even think it is Windranger's best! I allows you to completely stun two targets for 3.75 seconds. If that is two enemy heroes, that is 3.75 of a 5 vs 3 fight. It will take some practice to ensure a full stun (otherwise it is only .75 seconds), but items like blink dagger and shadow blade help facilitate that. At the very least, you should be able to get the primary target shackled for the full duration. Remember, it is better to be patient and wait to get the full shackle rather than to rush and only get the low stun. You will need to learn this skill in order to take advantage of your ult.

A very solid nuke that can easily get first blood given the range and power of it early game. It allows Windranger to participate in the battles even at low health or out of position. Because it has to charge for 1 second, you must anticipate where the enemy will be. A tip: it is indefinitely easier to hit a target vertically rather than laterally. Like the shackle shot, you should NOT rush to fire this ability. Use your blink to line up target vertically (rather than laterally) and be careful. There is time to spare because of the immense range!

This is the best ability in the game (in my opinion). It essentially is a 6 second invulnerability that adds speed and lowers enemies' speed. This ability is basically a ghost scepter, haste rune, and skadi all combined, as well as enabling you attack. Think about it: if you are facing a hard carry one vs one, you get a 6 second head start on the attacking front!

This ability is so much more than just a tool for taking down towers. In fact, combined with aghs, it allows Windranger to deal the most damage in the game! However, without aghs, this ability is only mediocre, so getting aghs is very important! Similarly, mastering shackle shot is necessary so you get a sitting duck target for 3.75 seconds. With a Daedulus Windranger can dish out 210 damage per attack, with 2.87 attacks per second. If you get the shackle off you can get about 11 strikes on the enemy which translates roughly to 2310 damage. And the even after[ the shackle is over you will continue firing and even if the enemy tries to run away you will still be able to get about 5 solid strikes more adding another 1000 damage. Not even the tankiest heroes can withstand 3310 damage.

General Windranger Play

Here I will explain how I (and how you should) play Windranger.

Windranger has the tools to be AGRESSIVE. While it is ok to sit back and farm the lane, Windranger has a surprisingly high base damage and with the addition of phase boots she will really pack-a-punch on weak supports. In fact, by level three Windranger usually deals about 95 damage.

The timing of your items is VERY important! For instance, getting a desolator at the 26 minute mark is no good; you'd be better off building a force staff. The key to getting your desolator fast (and all items after that) is a balance between farm and hero kills. It is very easy to get first blood with Windranger, and if you are aggressive enough you will be able to get it by the 5 minute mark (provided no one else has died around the map).

Only partake in team fights if you no enemies will be killed. Let someone else initiate and someone else take the damage. Until a higher level, Windranger is rather fragile and should not be taking unnecessary hits.

Powershot at level 3 is very potent and should then be spammed. Levels 1 and 2 do not have a beneficial damage to mana ratio, but level 3 deals a lot of damage at a respectable mana cost. Thus, using harassment techniques and level 3 powershot you should be able to get first blood and later kills.

In the late stages of the game where you are going around getting kills with your shackle-focus fire combo, you must make good decisions. If you do not get your shackle shot to the full stun, are you willing to stay and take the fight? Usually against hard carries or powerful stun machines I tend to flee quickly, as I would suggest to you. If you do not get the 3.75 shackle off, do NOT continue to try to kill unless you are absolutely positively sure you can get them.


You can still kill enemies with this item but you must be much more careful and no you can not fall on your windrun to escape or evade damage against hard carries.

Late Game Techniques


Once a Daedulus is bought, Windranger has enough damage to take down Roshan solo. When entering the pit, make sure you have vision outside and have cleared the area of any enemy wards. Proceed by first using shackle shot on the beast (to dispell his magic immunity) and then focus fire him down. As soon as he begins to attack you, use windrun to avoid his bashes. Continue using windrun off the cooldown for the duration of the attack. It is usually beneficial to NOT use windrun when his health is very low so you can save it for grabbing the aegis and escaping back to safety.


Windranger is a very ineffective jungler, even with powershot. It is better if you stick to the lanes to farm.


These two items are necessary for getting into position to utilize your abilities. Blink Dagger is more important than shadow blade but both are useful. They are primarily used to ensure a full 3.75 shackle shot duration, followed up by your ult. The progression of moves is then this:

Blink/Shadowblade in ---> Use shackleshot ---> Use Focus Fire ---> Use Windrun to chase or flee.

If you buy both items (like I do) you can easily blink in, get the kill, and the shadow blade out. This allows extra security and a little bit more leeway to go and chase down the enemy.

Most of the time, however, you will get the kill before the shackle shot is even over.


Not utilizing windrun is an utter shame, but utilizing it incorrectly is even worse. You want to save this ability for the tail end of fights, but doesn't have to just be for fleeing. As stated above, it gives you a 6 second physical damage invulnerability, so even if you have 1 hp left, use it and stay in the fight! But do not use it until you start taking damage! If you only use it to flee you are losing 50% of what the ability does!

Pros / Cons


    Easy character to learn
    Makes an impact late game
    Usually underestimated by enemies
    Has long ranged nukes
    Great escape abilities

    Item reliant
    Need good positioning
    Can fall behind easily

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