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Chen the Aura master.

May 10, 2015 by Nevdros
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The Master

DotA2 Hero: Chen

Hero Skills


10 12 13 14

Holy Persuasion

2 4 8 9

Divine Favor

1 3 5 7

Hand of God

6 11 16


17 18

Chapter 0 : Introduction

DISCLAIMER : I'm only 3.8k Solo rating & 3.7k Party rating as of writing this, be prepared that this guide might not be as usefull at the higher ratings!

Hello, I'm Nevdros, and I love to play micro heroes like Chen, Visage, Brewmaster, Nature's Prophet etc. I'm a transitioned HoN player and joining the bandwagon of dota2! I have a winrate of 54.92% according to dotabuff & a winrate of 62.50% on Chen, 1.82 KDA ratio & 357 GPM / 321 XPM.

Chapter 1 : Information about the hero & Creeps

Chen is a jungler who takes control of the neutral enemies to clean the camps. He has a burst ability which has random damage, a teleport which will teleport the ally home (creeps teleports to you if you click yourself), a slow which increases the damage the target takes & his ultimate is a global heal.

You will feel more usefull and better if you talk alot, typing or talking through a microphone, aslong as you communicate with your team, you will be able to gank lanes alot easier if the both of you are ready.

He has at the start of the game :

21(2.80/lvl) Intelligence
15(2.10/lvl) Agility
20(1.50/lvl) Strength
300 Movement Speed
1.1 Armor
43 - 53 Attack Damage
530 Health
273 Mana

Your creeps will have :

Hellbear Smasher :
950 Health without the health bonus.
300 Mana.
A 300 radius AoE slam around itself, costing 100 mana. it slows movement speed by 25% and attack speed by 25. It lasts for 3 seconds and deals 150 damage.
An aura which is 900 radius and gives 15 attack speed.

Satyr Tormenter :
1100 Health without the health bonus.
600 Mana.
An ability which shoots out a ball of energy, dealing 125 damage. It has a travel range of 980. It costs 100 mana.
An aura which gives 4 HP/s in a 900 radius.

Wildwing Ripper :
950 Health without the health bonus.
400 Mana.
An ability which summons a tornado you can control. It costs 200 mana and it has a duration of 40 seconds. The tornado has a speed of 125. It has a 15% movement speed slow & 15 attack slow. It deals 45 damage close to it and 15 damage far from it. the close damage range is 125. You can have the tornado and the Ripper in the same group without interrupting the channel.
An aura which gives 3+ armor in a 900 radius.

Dark Troll Summoner :
1100 Health without the health bonus.
550 Mana.
An ability which roots a target & interrupts channeling abilities. It lasts for 1.75 seconds. Costs 150 mana.
An ability which consumes a dead body to summon 2 small skeletons. The skeletons have 250 health, 1 armor, 24 damage & 270 movement speed. Auras works on them.

Centaur Qonqueror :
1100 Health without the health bonus
200 Mana.
An ability which stuns in a small radius around itself, stunning heroes for 2 seconds & creeps for 3 seconds. 20 Seconds cooldown & costs 100 mana.

Alpha Wolf (Not great for this type of Chen but it works, otherwise your carry can helm of dominator get one) :
600 Health without health bonus
0 Mana.
20% crit chance.
An aura which gives 30% increased BASE damage in a 900 radius. For example, if you have 100 damage without items, it will give you 30 damage. If you have 6 divie rapiers giving you 1900 damage total, you will still only get 30 damage.

If you haven't changed your binds or use groups, you swap unit on TAB.

This hero is a beast on ganking the middle lane. Not only do you have a big creep that can take the tower damage when you YOLO, you have an extra ability! Usually it does not matter what creep you have, but all of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

Chapter 2 : Let's talk about items & choices for creeps.

Let's face it, the bonus health on your creeps is simply not enough to jungle properly. So we need to boost them. HARD. First off the Ring of Basilius will give them armor and make them more tanky. After that the Headdress will regen their health (the Satyr health regen STACKS, so more HP regen!) Boots to not be slow.

Now the hard choice, Mekanism or Arcane Boots. Both are really good as the first choice. Arcane boots lets you spam spells on creeps while Mekanism let's you heal your creeps, give them an armor buff when you use it (stacks with basilius) aswell as you are already 600 gold towards it. I personally go more often for Arcane boots first since you can nuke jungle camps & creep waves. Get both of them after you've gotten the first choice.

Now, you dont go straight for Guardian Greaves. They are really, really, really good, but you don't go them just yet. Why? You combine the health and mana into 1 button. We don't want to form them just yet. You want to keep supplying mana to your creeps but not spam health to them, if they all get low you can mek and/or ult (but we wanna use that to win teamfights and help team win small fights) If you are already going with your team you can go Greaves without any issues. Drums straight after.

After that it's your choice, really. What do you need? If your carry doesnt have Vlad, go that (really good now since it works for ranged aswell!). If that slark keeps ganking you, go Ghost Scepter to buy extra seconds to get teammates to you or just surviving while creeps **** him up. Aghanims to spam ultimate.

For creeps, I recommend ATLEAST 1 or 2 Dark Troll Summoners. The skeletons they summon are insane for pushing aswell as interrupting channeling abilties like BLACK HOOOOLE etc. Just make sure to position it so it wont get stunned with the channeling ability. Take with you creeps with auras aswell, like hp regen and attack speed are really good. Armor is good if they defend the tower and they got blink daggers you can interrupt with the tornado.

Chapter 3 : The start of the game (examples within) &

So, you have picked Chen on the Radiant side, you have a 2v1 bottom (3v1 with you), 1v1 mid and 1v3 top.

You and the support decides that the support buys courier and 2 wards, which he gives one of them to the hero that will go top. You buy tangos, give 2 to usually the middle lane and a ring of protection & 2 clarities.

The bot lane and you heads to the bounty rune to not let the offlaner have his hands on it. It does not matter who takes the bounty rune, but it will be a good boost your way.

One of the enemy supports decides to buy 2 sentry wards to block your camps. While you are fighting for the bounty rune you can see them in his inventory and tell your team that he will enter the forest, which can be an easy kill.


Here's an example of a start of the game, where alot of things happened. First off, you didn't spend all of your 625 gold. This is a choice you have at the start of the game because if they choose to block your camps you can deward them and go back to jungling.

You communicate alot, even if the game has not started. You and the supports decides who buys what, you decide who gets bounty & you tell your team that the enemy will enter your forest very soon.

The reasoning you go Ring of Basilius and Headdress early is because your creeps sucks. They will die fast and for every new creep you have to control basically says "lose alot of experience and gold". SO we're gonna make sure we don't need to do so with items we will need during the game!

Chapter 4 : Pushing with your creeps

Ok, you have your creeps, Guardian Greaves ready and a creepwave. You will notice that the tower will die really fast. What you need to do here is watching the map alot & lookout for TPs, your hero is kinda squishy so you need to be careful, not diving with your hero but with your creeps instead! get a root into stun into orb ball into slow smash and he was dead 2 seconds ago. Get all towers really fast and then buy whatever you want, you're hella rich!

Chapter 5 : Ending

That's pretty much it, it takes some practice to micro properly. This hero is insanely fun to play once you get used to it.

If I missed anything or need help with something just comment down below and I'll get right on it.

Chapter 6 : Items not tried out yet and why I think they might be insanely good.

Notice how alot of those items can be used with / or teammates, that's because Chen cannot be played with items that only buffs himself. Imaging blinking ontop of an enemy hero and creeps TP on your and you stun and just blast him really hard and he will just go "whaaaat"

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