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Chemical Rage Quit

September 26, 2013 by Numeta
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Al The Chemist

DotA2 Hero: Alchemist

Hero Skills

Acid Spray

2 3 5 7

Unstable Concoction

4 8 9 10

Greevil's Greed

1 12 13 14

Chemical Rage

6 11 16


15 17 18

Chemical Rage Quit

September 26, 2013

Gameplay tips

Once you complete armlet you will now have the ability to deny yourself with your own unstable concoction, you can simply turn off your armlet to 1 health and let your stun deny yourself.

Acid spray can aggro neutrals out of their camp and allow you to stack them as well. Practice Acid spray placement to help stack.

Once you get your medallion you can use it on neutrals and it will draw aggro, this will allow you to stack neutrals that you couldn't reach in time to body pull, or due to night time sleeping neutrals.

You can solo roshan once you complete armlet medallion level 11+ ( bring an ally if you've never done it before)

If you realize that your still will backfire, find a pocket of fog and cross your fingers!

Always be stacking neutrals! It is an integral part of alchemists Goblin greed and overall timing for item purchases

Alchemist Abilities

Acid spray is one of the best abilities in the game IMO, it allows your to clear neutral stacks which is a huge part of alchemists game plan, stacking neutrals and clearing with Acid spray is a great perk to this hero. Acid spray also serves as a way to zone your opponents in lane, and to push your enemies back in tower battles. But overall it's just an amazing ability, it does great damage early and can cover an entire team fight with -6 armor. So it's important that you position this well in team fights as it's duration is just as long as it's cool down.

Unstable Concoction can be a double edged sword, but only if you don't know your scenario when casting. It's important that you use fog to your advantage when using this spell without Shadow blade or even a blink dagger. If you just run up to an enemy while casting this they will disable you or even just run away. You need to start charging this ability up from some kind of fog near your enemy, that way when you start to approach your target he has no chance of escaping or evading it.

This is your quota ability, and will allow you to farm faster and harder than any other hero, this ability on average will bring me 90-110 GPM above anyone else. Although It's important that you leave it at rank 1 until you have maxed all of your other abilities due to the fact that increasing ranks only increased the base amount of gold obtained on kill, not the stacking amount.

Chemical Rage is alchemist's defining ability, granting godlike health and mana regeneration, insane attack speed and a great deal of move speed, but more than anything this ability has a insanely low cool down when compared to it's duration. 25 second duration with a 45 second cool down. Combined with a shadow blade you can be in infinite gank mode due to the sustain of this ability. It's also important that you have the foresight to negate projectile targetables. For example Skeleton kings stun can be evaded by activating Chemical Rage at the moment of impact, this goes for any targeted enemy spell.

Game Phasing

1 minute to 12 minutes in- This is your farm time! On average I can farm up a armlet in 9-12 minutes which means you should be doing the same thing. Also stack neutrals when ever the clock allows, I always have a quad to penta stack of neutrals waiting for me once I hit level 7 to clear with 2-3 Acid sprays.

12 to 20 minutes in - This is still your farm time! You are after all alchemist, but it's important that you have good awareness of what is going on when and where and to always carry a tp scroll to gank. Keep stacking neutrals and keep farming. Farm on your hero is exponentially better than any other. By the 20 minute mark you should have your Medallion and Power treads. Note that you still help out with ganks, but you won't be going out of you way to gank. Gank when your allies rotate to your lane for them! Alchemist is one of the hardest carries in the game, so play accordingly. Also once you finish armlet and medallion set up for a roshan kill as it is easily achieved with Medallion + Acid spray.

20 to 30 minutes in- Hopefully you can finish up your shadow blade soon. When you finish your Shadow blade you will be in permanent gank mode! Move your *** to the enemy neutrals and impose your will upon the enemy team. Steal their neutrals and sit and wait for them to show themselves. Start your stun, enter stealth and drop that 4 second stun and shred them to pieces.

30 minutes to end of game - At this point you are ganking with no need to farm, you are at the Hulk mode and will only get stronger.

About these items.

It's important that every item build you use on a hero has direct synergy with his abilities, which is why I have a heavy armor reduction item build. With Gas cloud and Medallion I can -12 armor anyone I want to early. This allows me to set up any kill for my team or myself in the right scenario.

I rush armlet because.... well it's one of the best items in DotA to me, and on Alchemist it pretty much makes him invincible combined with his ultimate. It also has a great build order, which allows you to buy Helm of Iron will to make up for his early lack or armor and great health regen until you hit level 6. Plus 65 dmg for 2600 gold is pretty godly, with a toggle on 400 health life vest.

After armlet I pick up my Medallion for further -armor capabilities and it's great for neutraling and soloing Roshan at level 11 ( Which this hero can do)

After that I work towards my power treads and then Shadow blade. Now I bet you're wondering why I choose shadow blade? Previously when I played alchemist I would go for a Blink dagger to use my stun to it's full potential, but what I found out was I couldn't solo any heroes when I spent 2,150 gold on a damage-less initiation item, so I tried Shadow blade and haven't looked back since. Shadow blade upon completion will allow you to go in full force 1 man gank mode. You can start your Unstable Concoction and use the stealth activation from shadow blade and begin the search for your target. This will allow you to get in close and even open up with the 125+ backstab into a 5 second 440 damage stun, then combo your gas cloud into medallion and destroy your target before he can even become un-stunned.

Do note it's important that you semi track down your target before you start your stun, get an idea of where he is when use the fog to your advantage to scout.

After shadow blade Stygian is great for some damage and - armor, being you up to -18 armor on enemies, pretty much doing true damage and +%amped damage.

Vlads will help you with sustain via life steal in team fights and is also a great team buffer.

Replace Medallion for Assault cuirass later and Heart for Armlet slot.

Check out some of my match replays for insight behind the build, and what your game phasing should be.

Video footage

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