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Charizards Guide to Shadow Demoño

September 30, 2014 by TryAgain.Charizard
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Shadow Demon

Hero Skills


1 12 13 14


2 4 5 7

Shadow Poison

3 8 9 10

Demonic Purge

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hi Niggas, My very first guide here!
This is my guide to a utility sd.
Corrections please if im mistaken...
I dont know how to properly make a guide so sorry for the inconveniece...
I would to hear some tips on making them as well as how make the text yellow on certain words like skills and hero names


This guide is for a #5 <Shadow Demon> which we commonly see. That explains the donkeydoodle and the warding ****.

Pros and Cons Niggas


    Early ganker
    Awesome counter intitiator
    Brings out the DPS on every one on the team
    Not very much item dependent with a force staff
    Not lvl dependent in my opinion
    Good late game

    Can tear apart a nice set up with one misclick.
    Doesnt really mean much in a clash with cd on skills

Early Game

Shadow Demon as a supp should be on a defensive trilane in my opinion. This would ease your pulling/stacking of creeps.


Shadow demon at lvl 3-5 should be atleast was enabled to gank mid, i mean seriously? Lvl 5 Shadow demon without any ganks in mid is an unsuccesful SD. A Force Staff will help you with ganking( further explained in force staff chapter)


Laning should be easy pull the creeps when the enemy tower is being pushed, stack the hard creep camp for your fast jungler to get later on and dont forget to share the XP.
The key to laning is being alert and disrupting the right hero at the right time. At about lvl 5-6 you should land an easy kill against a mispaced support in your teams jungle

"The Force Staff"

The very life force of shadow demon. This item will help you ALOT , imean A LOT A LOT and A LOT. This helps you in ganks and counter ganks. In ganking just go through the fog of war until you reach mid remember to not let the midlaner see you, then jump on him with a Force Staff + Disruption that will give time for your midlane to take a good position.

In counter ganking just always carry a Scroll of town portal with you, TP to the lane being ganked and while you are channeling your tp scroll analyze the situation. If there is 5 enemy heroes in midlane are you sure about an action that will probably lead to a double kill? In other situations like if your mid is getting ganked by 2 heroes. Go TP and if your ally hero is below 30% health force staff them away from danger, or if the enemy team heroes has a one hero that has 80% hp and a hero with 50% hp force staff yourself use Disruption on the 80% hp hero and kill the other one fast and kill the other one after.


Midgame is quite challenging because of all the clashes happening every minute. You just have to stay at the back of your team throwing soul poison and soul catcher dropping your ult on a squishy/ magic immune hero

Late game

Unlike many support heroes you escalate in late game because you can match the enemy carry, im not joking. Lets say a carry jumped you in the jungle, lets say the carry is Spectre. Use Disruption throw down soul catcher 1-2 time of Shadow poison slap him with your ult force staff away slap him with more shadow poison then... boom his just dead. Just from the illusion of Disruption will deal 120% of his damage including your soul catcher not icluding the humongous damage if you manage to throw 6-7 stacks of shadow poison.

Compatable Hero/s

Waiting for tips on how to make the hero name yellow with a picture of the hero

Your Counters

Still waiting


Shadow Demon is a support hero that is great in ganking, counter ganking, increasing the dps of the whole team, awesome gank set up. A hero that stays back at clashes, needs alertness, and good timing fron the player/team mates


Thanks for reading my guide...I really want tips on making guides. Tnx for givung the time in reading this, this, this my very first guide. THANKYOU VERY MUCH :)

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