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Chaos Knight - wisp in depth guide

April 30, 2013 by knor force staff imba
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item/skill build

DotA2 Hero: Chaos Knight

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Chaos Bolt

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Chaos Knight - wisp in depth guide

knor force staff imba
April 30, 2013


CK is a hard carry who excels in pushing after fights.
wisp is probably the best lane partner for him.
in this guide ill go in depth on what to buy and do when you play with wisp.


    start with a gauntlet, tango, health pot and a circlet
    early game focus on getting treads and armlet as soon as possible because this is so much dps early on and because you'll be playing with wisp mana shouldnt be a problem because wisp has to get a soul ring.
    mid game: try to add drums and helm of the dominator to your bar for futher improvement of mana regen, damage and survivablilty. ( if you get overwhelmed with disables buy bkb before the helm)
    lategame: turn you helm into a satanic and try to farm a heart, if you and wisp have been ganking really succesfull you might want to look at items for further dps boost like rapier, mkb, a second heart (not advisable, it might be fun but it isnt worth it) and mjollnir for the attackspeed and additional push.

Pros / Cons

pros of this combo are:

- you can easily gank and kill splitpushers
- global control
- instant realiable stun with the tether
- attack speed boost with overcharge
- no mana problems because of the wisp/io


- laning phase can be though sometimes
- if the opponent plays 5 man dota the global control isn't that effective
- low attackspeed
- ultimate is really needed if the teamfight of you team isn't that good


preferably you want to play this combo with a friend on skype/ts or raidcall so you can communicate. It is VERY important you are tethered before you rift for the initial stun otherwise targets can easily get away. Look at the mini map at all times for ganks on splitpushers, if you do this correctly tinker and nature's prophet will fear you.
in fights it's important to maintain the tether at all time since the damage reduction and attackspeed from overcharge will allow you to go balls deep and get the rampages and ultra kills like a baws. relocate always from a safe spot since you dont want to return where 3 enemies are waiting for you.

notes: if played well this combo will always win because you as CK will get so fat you can 2 hit kill most enemy heroes. If you have aegis look to force the teamfight because you'll be too much to deal with twice but you'll have to know your limits (which will come when you get more experienced at this hero).


if excecuted well this combo will always win you the game, and this is the sole reason wisp is banned in professional games.

Hope you found this guide helpfull, it's my first guide so dont be too harsh :)

I've played this combo about 30 times and won 29 games with this so it's really worth trying if you and your friend are both good at dota :D

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