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Chaos Knight for Beginners

September 2, 2017 by mattygg
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Chaos 7.06f

DotA2 Hero: Chaos Knight

Hero Skills

Chaos Bolt

1 12 13 14

Reality Rift

3 8 9 11

Chaos Strike

2 4 5 7




10 15

Hero Talents

+10s Phantasm Duration
+10% Chaos Strike Chance
Reality Rift Pierces Spell Immunity
+0.75s Min/max Chaos Bolt Duration
-3s Chaos Bolt Cooldown
-75% Phantasm Illusion Damage Taken
+225 Reality Rift Target Pull Distance
+22% Chaos Strike Lifesteal

Chaos Knight for Beginners

September 2, 2017


Hi Guys,

This is my first guide so please be gentle. I have managed to get myself from the low 100 MMR to around the 700MMR and climbing every day. I thought I would make this guide for the beginners out there as I have played Chaos Knight for most of my climbing.


I usually go for the same items in most of my games, with the 6th item being a choice between Linkens Sphere and Octarine Core.

1 - Treads
2 - Armlet
3 - Echo Sabre
4 - Manta Style
5 - Heart
6 - Linkens or Octarine


As a general rule I take the first point in skill 1 - Chaos Bolt. This is quite useful for a first blood if you have good team mates with you. However it has a really high mana cost for the beginning of the game so use sparingly.

Second point in Chaos Strike. This is due to its lifesteal capability and this is very useful when laning, or jungling, depending on how its going.

Third point in Reality Rift. This is useful in a combo with Chaos bolt. Especially if the enemy gets too close to your tower, you are able to bring them closer, and then stun.

From this I try and max Chaos strike first, Reality Rift second and Chaos Bolt last. Taking the Phantasm when able.

Early/Mid/Late Game

Early - Try not to die. Chaos is quite a slow starter and doesn't really get going until you have your armlet, and level 6. All I try and do in the early game is get as many last hits as I can and stick quite close to my tower. I wouldn't recommend mid lane as he is very vulnerable to ranged enemies.

Mid - This is your time to start getting some gold up. You will probably have your armlet/treads and Echo by now. Here is the time to start getting some kills. Use Armlet first, then Phantasm (I know some people use it later, but I prefer doing it first). Reality Rift, then Chaos Bolt. This brings their armour down, they are right next to you for your illusions to strike, and they are stunned. This should usually bring you a kill.

Wait for mana/Phantasm to reset, and start again.

Late - If you have been well fed, or have laned well, then you will be unstoppable. Once you have Heart, and with your armlet constantly on, you can create illusions at will. Each of these illusions will have just under 5000 health each.

I usually go for a linkens sphere if the enemy team are targeting me, or am octarine, as it allows you to create even more illusions quicker.

Talent tree

Level 10 - I usually take the attack speed as later in the game the extra intelligence doesn't really matter

Level 15 - I always go for the strength option. The movement speed is nice, but your reality rift brings the enemy close to you, so the extra speed isn't needed

Level 20 - This one could go either way. If I think the game is going to go late I will take the money, as once you hit 40mins+ then it allows you to buy whatever you want. However if we are winning and are looking at finishing the game I will take the stats.

Level 25 - I always take the cooldown as it allows you to use your talents that much sooner. I don't really see the point of the other skill. I have tested it and it doesn't go through Linkens or BKB.


I have played quite a few games as Chaos Knight now, there are a few enemies that I would class as counter picks.

Phanton Lancer - Nightmare playing against, he creates more illusions than you
Sven - Has a free battlefury and can hit all your illusions as once
Bristleback - His passive hits all your illusions every time you hit him.

There are probably some more, but I will add when I think of them.


Thanks for reading my guide, I hope it has made sense to everyone. If you have any comments or suggestions then please let me know.

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