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Chad CK buys BF

April 7, 2018 by Pl3b
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Safelane Chad Knight

DotA2 Hero: Chaos Knight

Hero Skills

Chaos Bolt

1 8 9 11

Reality Rift

2 3 5 7

Chaos Strike

4 13 14 16


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+10s Phantasm Duration
+10% Chaos Strike Chance
Reality Rift Pierces Spell Immunity
+0.75s Min/max Chaos Bolt Duration
-3s Chaos Bolt Cooldown
-75% Phantasm Illusion Damage Taken
+225 Reality Rift Target Pull Distance
+22% Chaos Strike Lifesteal

Chad CK buys BF

April 7, 2018


CK is a strong laner that has huge burst damage, strong push, and goes late quite well.
This build will go through the idea’s around why he’s good right now and then you can become a filthy CK picker like myself.

Pros / Cons

Pros- Strong laner
-Strong early pusher
-High solo kill potential
-Strong Power spikes
-Snowballs well
-Can be played fast or slow, much like juggernuaght he does really have a weak point in the game.
-Is not countered by BKB which are very popular currently
-Can go high ground very well
-Can initiate fights

Cons- Ultimate is countered by AOE damage
-Does not have a reliable escape for split pushing
-Does not like to buy BKB
-Long Ultimate Cool Down


Chaos Bolt - Slow projectile with a potenial of a 4 second stun or 275 damage at level 4 these values are inversely related. Fantastic level 1 spell.
Reality Rift - Great repositioning ability. Provides negative armour and will bring CK and his nearby illusions to melee range of the target.
Chaos Strike - a critical hit with a 75% life steal. Only 12% chance of procing. 1 Level in this early can be valuble for additional sustain.
Phantasm - Spawns illusions with 100% damage and 260% damage received. Can be used to dispel and gives .5 seconds of invulnerability while casting.


Wand - Great item right now, I buy this every game on every hero.
Treads - These are the best boots available for CK. They help with his garbage mana pool, tank him up in case you get ganked and help provide attack speed which he needs pretty badly. You can skip these and come back for them after BF if you want to be greedy.

Battlefury - Currently pushing out lanes is very important. Unless you want to play very quickly I would strongly recommend a BF for clearing lane creeps, it is just way too important. CK also loves everything that BF gives him and while he uses illusions that is for only short periods and is not a good farming mechanic. Skip this if you think your team has enough wave clear, you’re worried about losing too many objectives from you greeding out a BF or you want to end fast(eg. they last picked spectre).
Armlet of Mordiggian - Huge boost to damage, health pool and armour, the lifesteal component of CK’s crit will compensate for the health loss. Your illusion will keep the armlet buff but will not lose health so make sure you use it before ulting. NEVER SKIP THIS!
Blink Dagger - This will provide you with the ability to easily delete 1 hero from the game. Use ultimate in fog, blink forward use Chaos Bolt and Reality rift. This item is key to going high ground and getting easy solo kills.

Heart of Tarrasque - Great item all round for CK. It’s even better now considering the status resistance and you can leave armlet on permanantly. Allows you to seige high ground if the enemy team doesn’t have huge damage or disable.
Assault Cuiress - Fantastic item on CK, it’s very synergetic and is a great substitute/compliment for Heart.

Aeon Disk - This item is best used on casters but you are pretty reliant on keeping a reasonable amount of HP up so that you get value out of you illusions. If think that you will be getting initiated on and won’t have time to BKB/ it goes though BKB and you don’t have the vision or initiation ability in you team to start fight properly consider this. Don’t buy unless very nessasary.
Nullifyer - Great When the other team has Force Staffs/Ghost Scepter/Euls Good for late game, substantial damage boost.
Sange and Yasha - Great stats and will help with this movespeed meta. Can be disassembled for Manta and Heavens Halberd.


The jungle is garbage right now. Clearing ancients is a good way of Quickly getting armlet online after battlefury. Use Reality rift on the largest creep for faster jungling. I will however strongly suggest avoiding jungling as much as you can. Use your BF to shove lanes, create pressure and make space for yourself and your team.

Ranked Play

Get a support or preferably 2 and try for first blood as the creeps meet. You are very strong level 1, you will either get 200 damage and a 1 second stun, or 75 damage and a 2 second stun. Farm and try be aggressive on the off laner, it is very important to deny the offlaner farm and Xp if you want an early tower.

Try to pressure the tower with seige creep waves or when you can do it without giving the offlaner farm and xp. Ask your support to give you vision to push, and if you feel like you can dominate the lane tell your support to help the mid or offlaner, this will hopefully keep 3 heroes out of your lane as the enemy team must respond to your teams pressure. Once you have the tier one rotate into the jungle but make sure to keep shoving your lane for vision and to keep the enemy offlaner busy. Make sure you have a TP and a clarity when your killing neutrals so you can defend your lane and spam reality rift on creeps.

When you have Battlefury and Armlet start pushing as much as you can. Take fights. You are strong. You will be able to roshan at this point if you have enough space. When you have blink you become something else. You will put the fear of god in those noobs. Ideally close the game out before the enemy carry buys a butterfly because you will struggle to man fight them without your utlimate at that point.


Chaos knight feels very strong right now, avoid picking him into underlord and Omni Knight. Other than that I hope you enjoyed the guide, and I hope you succeed in grinding some mmr. Leave a comment if you have feedback or questions and have a great day you filthy CK picker.

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