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Centre of mass v1.0

April 27, 2013 by LurkInTheDark
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Build 1
Build 2

Turn autoattacks into nukes :D

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills


14 15 17 18


2 4 12 13

Take Aim

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


8 9 10


Sniper is a hero who needs to stay away from the fight in order to contribute, however, none of his built-in skills is sufficiently adept at keeping his enemies at bay, or keeping himself away from the enemy either.
Sniper's snowballing is very notable in regards of combat effectiveness, so his item build should be more directed towards keeping him alive so his damage can be done.
Later however, sniper can do ludicrous amounts of damage at an extremely long range, and a little luck from his procs can make kiting a delicious casserole of death and misery.
Here's how to build Sniper.

I'm basically new to dota and am not particularly good at it, but this build seemed worth sharing. Enjoy the flamboyant language :D

Lane planning

Since the type of starting items depends so heavily on the heroes you're up against and the lane you've gone with, it's up to you if you decide to go for heavy stats or heavy regen.
Keep in mind however, the less stats you take, the more it shines how low sniper's base damage is.
If you found a friend to babysit you at easy lane, try to get more stats for lasthits and hope your lane support does his job.
If you've gone to mid, a hero might decide he Doesn't want you getting farm, and denies everything from you, and preventing your snowball. There are many mids that can zone out sniper, and midgame, most any single hero won't have much problem solo killing you.
This is snipers biggest weakness. With this guide, you seek to remove it early, and prevent your farm from being stopped. If you're cunning enough, you'll turn their failed attempts into delicious kills to lay on your score.

Item justification

Phase boots:
+25 damage as early as possible to "fix" sniper's damage problem, as well as a potential to quickly leave enemies' range as well as doing in/out harassment of your own. Use it often to gain a lot of lane presence.

Shadow blade:
A mediocre escape, perhaps, but pretty good stats, and escaping unplanned ganks is always a possibility, it's up to you to keep track of who got dust, and steer clear of them, smoke+dust ganks are very likely to be successful against you, but that's a lot of gold and time wasted for the other team, besides, your team should be focusing on making sure there's room for you to farm.

Malestrom: With this you might be able to get farm in the jungle when lanes seem preoccupied. attack speed never hurt anyone either.

After maelstrom and crystalis, you should either rush mjollnir or daedalus. I don't really lean towards getting either before the other. One's attack speed ones crit. Can't say getting desolator first is a bad idea either. in a perfect world you'd get all 3, but you'll probably have to choose 2/3.
(I'd lean towards attack speed, actually. Because headshot)


Shrapnel is a very underrated skill, I'm not saying it's good: but it's not nearly bad enough to get last. It's a skill for pushing towers mostly, and doing so later on is a good way to win games. That's why it's a good idea to get it when you foresee that lane pushing is about to start. it's also nice when you drop it on a creep line, leave, and get all the gold from it.

Headshot: The thing everyone hates about sniper is the headshot proc: +damage, mini stun, and another chance to proc it. Anyone in range of the sniper has indeed a lot to fear, because of this.

Take Aim: Sniper has the longest range in the game once this is skilled, take advantage of your distance properly, and laning should be yours.

Assassinate: Moderately big nuke at absurd distances, sniper's signature move, and a very embarrassing way to die, to say the least.


You're reached the point where you've maxed all your skills, try to farm creeps and siege towers with shrapnel, it's not the most effective of active skills, but it does its job most days. Your entire lineup should be capable of avoiding sniper getting killed, your team should have lots of crowd control (cc) and you should be most careful about falling in enemy cc, if everyone hits their CC on your team and you dodge their cc as sniper, you get to watch them do the painful march of shame that ends in a beautiful skill known as Assassinate.

Consider using shadow blade as a plus to the initiation, causing some to commit without knowing you're there. and... sit there right clicking, like all good carries do ;)


In some games, you'll find that your enemies have a lot of health, long disables/large nukes, and heavy armor, going straight for damage might not get you far enough and you may have to create ways for you to survive fights at the expense of damage, these cases, you probably shouldn't have picked sniper to begin with, but not all is lost. Use your game sense and get the situationals to help negate the enemy heroes' edge over you.


I'm lazy, please leave comments about who counters sniper besides the ones i listed.

-Phantom Assassin

I hope you enjoyed reading the guide as much as I enjoyed making it :)
Cheers, have a nice day.

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