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Centaur strength build

July 16, 2013 by ThanatosUD
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Centaur strenght build

DotA2 Hero: Centaur Warrunner

Purchase Order

First to buy

Ring of Regen
Ring of Protection

early to midgame

Tranquil Boots
Belt of Strength
Stout Shield

core (midgame)

Tranquil Boots
Hood of Defiance


Power Treads
Hood of Defiance
Heaven's Halberd
Heart of Tarrasque
Armlet of Mordiggian


Pipe of Insight
Skull Basher
Urn of Shadows
Vladmir's Offering

Hero Skills

Hoof Stomp

1 4 8 9 10

Double Edge

2 3 5 7


12 13 14 15


6 11 16


17 18

Centaur strength build

July 16, 2013


This is a build for centaur that is based on the fact that his base damage, ultimate and passive damage return ability scales from strength.


Take hoof stomp at level 1 - you need this stun to secure easy early kills. Besides, you also need to make use of your mana pool, because other your skills are either passive or cost hp and ultimate is comparatively cheap so you should not have mana problems.
Max out double edge first, since its most powerful early and especially mid game when u can spam it due to its low cooldown and your high hp/hp regen/magic resistance you are getting from your core items of this build.
Max hoof stomp second because it loses its damage potential later in game (*** all other fixed dmg nukes).
Max out return damage last, because its useful only when u have high strength later in game.


Early game - firs buy some tangos and ring of regen which later is upgraded to tranquil boots. Second, buy belt of strength. Stout shield might be an option if your enemy is aggressively harassing you (later, when u run out of inventory slots, just sell it). Third item should be cloak for magic resistance. These items should help your survivability and extra hp/hp regen/magic resist/tranquil boots active allow you to spam double edge and extra speed from green boots help you position for hoof stomp and chase down enemies easily.

Core (midgame)- sange is cheap item that gives all you need - strength to increase your damage and scale with ulty/passive + passive slow, which is very useful, because your hoof stomp / double edge combo usually makes your enemies flee. Hood of defience is obvious for cent bedcause it reduces dmg from double edge and gives hp regen, which makes double edge extremely spammable bearing in mid its low cooldown.

Lategame - exchange tranquil boots for threads (strenght, ofc) because you will have to tank more and not just harass/nuke with double edge. Upgrade sange to heaven's halberd (it does not prevent return of damage by your passive even if your opponents attack misses) + it's extremely effective disable for enemy right click carries. Farm your heart of tarrasque (the ultimate strength item) - it scales extremely well with your ultimate and passive + gives you more base damage. Heart + halberd + hood combo also gives u unparalleled effective hp. Lastly, get armlet - it has everything U need, is extremely cost effective and with your super high hp regen you will never ever have to turn it off!
If u finish all above mentioned items (unlikely as it might seem), I recommend getting some utility items (vlads to give your carry lifesteal, urn of shadows for heal - if anyone in your team doesn't already have those items).

Items to avoid

Vanguard - its better to spend money on items that give you Strength, because its more cost effective on centaur, since he is Strength hero + his passive and ultimate scales on his primary attribute!
Blademail - your passive is enough to discourage your enemies to attack you (provided u have high Strength) so blademail's active is a bit overkill on cent.


This build makes u extra tanky so be very aggressive in all stages of the game!
Choose your lane partner - ranged support with stun/disable preferably to secure easy early game kills. Avoid laning with your carry since u need farm yourself. Lane against enemy carry is preferable since u can harass/deny farm or even kill him early on easily.
Midgame/lategame - initiate teamfights with your ultimate-->hoof stomp-->double edge combo. Preferably target enemy carry or squishy supports if u are comfortable that u can kill them before they can even cast their disables. Use disarm on enemy carry. DON'T KILLSTEAL! U will get enough kills anyway and you are not carry!

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