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Carry with chaos

May 6, 2014 by Usmanov
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Carry with Chaos

DotA2 Hero: Chaos Knight

Hero Skills

Chaos Bolt

1 3 5 8

Reality Rift

2 4 6 9

Chaos Strike

7 12 13 14 15


10 11 16


17 18

Carry with chaos

May 6, 2014


This is my favorite way to build a strong and dependable Chaos Knight. It is also my very first entry on this forum.

The sweet bit with playing CK is that you will eventually become a threat with high ganking potential. He is also not the most difficult Strength hero to sink your teeth into, so if you are new to melee STR heroes this guide will be of great service to you.

Feel free to share your thoughts and tell me how you're doing!


Please note! Save up your mana. Never do anything with your skills if you are not attacking the opposing heroes. CK has a low mana pool.

The recommended attack order when ganking is, rift first, let CK take a swing (bonus damage) then chaos bolt.

I like to have a slight chance at chaos strike early, if in mana trouble this could help you.

I wait with phantasms a bit cause they are mana costly and not really effecive enough until level 2. With the recent game changes you get a 50% chance to land an extra illusion which is a huge upgrade to an already lethal ultimate.

Initiating a teamfight by summoning the phantasms (be sneaky, or opponents will run away) and using chaos rift will ensure that the fight comes to you - or that your opponents sacrifice a teammate.


Farming with CK is a bit rocky, and you need the gold. Since his damage is random calculating that last hit is tricky early on, you need some reliable extra damage. I recommend quelling blade, but a set of blades of attack would do the trick also. Carrying a stout shield is smart as it will lessen damage taken.

I like to get power treads first and then a soul ring. Ganking early with CK's mana hungry abilities is hard, but once these to items are in your inventory you can do it! The soul ring will steal a bit of HP, but more or less fill your mana bar allowing you a second rift/stun as soon as cooldown is through. Unless you have a close friend with Arcane boots i'd consider Soul ring a core item! Vanguard is a good tip to go for next, solidifies blocking ability and gives extra HP.

After this I build for heavens halberd. Solid strength items makes you a solid carry. It also a sound fundamental to first build blocking, then hit points and last evasion (which the halberd provides).

In late game I almost always go for the assault curi***. It has a massive effect on your attack speed, which you need, so if possible the first part should be the hyperstone. Also if you have other melee fighters on your team they will greatly benefit from this item aswell. A passive and great armour, useful to everyone around you!

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