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Carry pusher Alch

February 14, 2013 by Conferdntial
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My build

DotA2 Hero: Alchemist

Purchase Order

Starting items

Stout Shield
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch

Early game(If you have free farm or first blood)

Hand of Midas
Boots of Speed

Early game(If you're having trouble)

Magic Wand
Phase Boots

Mid Game(Mandatory if you want to farm)


Mid Game(If you don`t need to carry


Late Game(You better be farming)

Black King Bar
Skull Basher
Heart of Tarrasque
Abyssal Blade
Assault Cuirass

Late Game(You`re not trying to carry)

Assault Cuirass
Heart of Tarrasque


Blade Mail
Heaven's Halberd
Manta Style
Monkey King Bar

Hero Skills

Acid Spray

4 8 9 10

Unstable Concoction

2 12 13 14

Greevil's Greed

1 3 5 7

Chemical Rage

6 11


15 17 18

Carry pusher Alch

February 14, 2013


Alchemist is a right click carry who can farm items extremely fast late-game and can push towers and barracks in seconds. He is also a very good ganker and a viable tank. As an Alchemist you will spend most of your time in the jungle if you're carrying so learn to stack.

Pros / Cons

One of the hardest carries in DotA 2
Fastest farmer in the game
Good early game ganker
Hard to kill late game
Fast pusher

Enemies gank you a lot because they know your late game potential
Can stun yourself for 4 seconds if you mess up
If you get behind it difficult to get back up
Can't fight team fights without your ulti


Starting items: You want some basic health regen(tangoes or a salve), hopefully you have enough to help you get level 6 without missing exp. The branches are for some last hitting power and potentially a magic stick if you're not doing well or it sounds good in your lane. Stout shield: you're a melee farmer, you will be harrassed and hopefully your support stack and pulls so the stout will block creep damage.

Early Game items(easy lane): Hand of Midas, helps you get your boots and relic quickly.

Early Game items(difficult lane): Just some basic items that will hopefully keep you alive and will help you get your late game items.

Mid Game items(easy lane): Radiance helps you farm your jungle super quickly and effectively

Mid Game items(difficult lane): Phase boots gives you chase potential to throw that stun and Vanguard is a good mid-game tank item.

Late Game items(if you need to farm): Mjollnir is very good for attack speed and team fight damage. BKB is to keep you alive in team fights so you can dish out high damage. Skull basher is because you have high attack speed, lack of an easy stun and leads to your abyssal blade. AC is for more attack speed and tankiness. Abyssal blade pretty much insures a kill on someone if you're chasing them down. Heart of Tar***que is for tankiness and minor damage. Satanic works well with Alchemist because he can still get low health in team fights but he can do high right-click damage.

Late Game items(you have farmed carries): Pretty much all the items I put in this section are just so you can tank up but still do a bit of damage in team fights.

Situational items: Halberd is for disabling that hard right click carry and giving you evasion. MKB is a replacement for the abyssal blade if the enemies have evasion heroes(Faceless void or PA). Manta style is for pushing power. Blade mail if only if you are the immediate focus in team fights, otherwise just build your other items.


Greevil's Greed: Fun fact: It used to be named "Goblin's greed" but now Valve has massive erections over greevils. This passive skill gives you bonus gold for every living enemy or neutral killed. You want to max this first if you are going to carry because it allows you to farm super quickly and get your core items up quickly.

Acid Spray: Does minor AoE damage and lowers armor of enemies inside its radius. Use this skill for farming the jungle or big creep waves

Unstable Concoction: Works amazingly with a stun previous to it as it does more damage and a longer stun duration the longer is charges. You only want to start charging this skill if you know you can throw it otherwise you might get yourself killed. This is an AoE stun but it's a very small AoE; the two heroes must be standing in high-five range for them both to get stunned.

Chemical Rage: Spam this thing in the jungle to regen quickly. It has a low cooldown and gives amazing regen, it also gives good attack speed and health. Great for team fighting and farming.


Troll Warlord for attack speed
Wisp " " " and ganks
Anyone that can give attack speed pretty much
Big teamfighters

Silencer (can silence and disable him from attacking)
Anyone with a long silence to make you stun yourself such as Drow or Death Prophet


This is Alchemist, you farm quickly and win late game, not many heroes can stand toe to toe with a farmed Alchemist.

Thanks for reading. (This was my first guide so I apologize for my mistakes and lack of knowledge on how to make guides.)

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