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Carry Pudge

April 9, 2013 by Sarc
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Carry Pudge

DotA2 Hero: Pudge

Hero Skills

Meat Hook

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Flesh Heap

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Carry Pudge

April 9, 2013


Pudge is a ganking hero, he depend of his ability for ganking and do damage.

Good combo for ganking (Can kill hero with evade move like AM or Storm Spirit when the combo is well done)
Hook --> Best skill for Pudge
Great HP gain and damage gain with Flesh Heap
Great magic protection with Flesh Heap

Require good map position.
Early on Rot damage you a lot, so be carefull
Slow base mouvement speed
Slow attack speed
Low armor

Low intel gain
Combo Hook+Dismember is hard to master

Item's explanations

Carry Pudge Build

Bottle --> You need regen early on, espescially mana regen because you skill take almost all you mana. Very usefull to rune control middle lane

Urn of shadows --> Great Hp regen when your running around for gank. You can regen your life even if you didnt get the rune. Cast on enemy hero do a good damage output early game so don't be affraid to use it on enemies.

Magic Wand--> Give you some nice stats for the gold you pay. It give you some more regen in a team fight.

Power Treads --> You have really slow attack speed, this item help you to have more damage output with your auto-attack. With some charge on Flesh Heap, you base attack can make some great damage! Getting your boots before the ganking phase help you to run around the map faster and help chasing enemies. With Rot + Boots enemies can't really get away from you.

Hand of Midas ?!? --> First you get more attack speed, but it give you a good farming potential when you run around the map for a gank. If you get it early on, use it on big creep so you gain more experience, so you can over level the enemies.

Hyperstone before HoT?? --> Your attack speed give you the opportunity to farm a creep wave very fast. Even better, you can kill enemy with hook and auto-attack is the enemy don't have an evade move. You force the enemies to focus, because with Rot on and your auto-attack you can ravage them.

HoT--> With all your attackspeed, this item give you more Damage and it give you more HP. The regen of the item is very usefull too because you can regen 2% of your 2% of maximum HP/Sec, with some charge on Flesh Heap, your HP regen is legendary!

Assault Cuirass --> Get more armor, so more effective HP and the minus armor on enemies can really help you and your team to win.

BoT--> Sell Power Treads and go for BoT, it gives you some pushing power and you have more mobility.

Armlet Build

Armlet of Morddigan --> Give you some great + strengh. The armor is a great thing because your effective HP is greater. Be carefull of the Hp drain because with Rot on you can drain yourself to death. The Hp/Sec help you regen your life when your running around the map for lonely hero to kill.

Yasha?--> You get more Attack speed, with Armlet on your auto-attack damage is devastating. The movement speed bonus is very usefull. You can run faster, so more gank more chasing more kill!

Sange--> You need more HP, this item give you some. The movement slow possibility is nice too. When you hook and proc the Lesser Miam, the enemy can't get away.

Situationnal items

BKB --> if enemies have a lot of disable/silence, BKB is the item you need. First it gives you more HP but more important your magic immune. So when you activate BKB don't forget to Activate ROT immediatly since this ability don't drain your life when BKB is active.

Blade Mail--> Some hard carry troubling you? Buy Blade mail! This item make a Phatom Assasin kill his self.

Monkey King BAr--> An enemy have or is going for Bfly, get this, you can now kill him. You have a lot of attack speed with the Carry Pudge build so this item can be very effective.

Daedelus --> You have a lot of srenght so a lot of base damage, you have a good attack speed now, so this item can make you have so nice Crits! But, you need to have HoT before gettting this item because you need the HP from HoT.

The Combo

Hook + Rot + Ult + Urn of shadows + Auto-attack

Positioning is the Key. Hide in wood or up-cliff.

Hook then activate Rot immediatly. After click on your ult and select enemy hero when he's comming to you because of your Hook. You can target the enemy that is hook. Active your ultimate while the emeny is under your hook. This way the enemy can't even cast a spell. Anti-Mage can't get away, same for Storm Spirit. Early game, as soon as you ult is over cast Urn of shadow on your target to have more damage output.


Early game always try to get the rune. At 2 min, if it's haste, always gank the lane if they don't see you comming because they have a ward. Remember so drink all your bottle shots before getting the rune.

Wards are very usefull for Pudge, it help you see map so you can land more hook. If your support don't get some, buy them. Your investimment will be rewarded.

Always carry a TP when your ganking. Exemple: Gank top, hide and TP bottom then gank bot. In pubs games the enemy won't expect you.

If there is some invisible hero like Riki, BH or some one get Shadow Blade, BUY DUST!! You are a ganker so you need to see your target! And remember, even if your enemy turn invisible your hook will bring him to you and ROT can kill invisible enemy.

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