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Carry Knight

February 16, 2013 by Faaay
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Carry knight

DotA2 Hero: Omniknight

Hero Skills


1 3 7 8


2 4 9 10

Hammer Of Purity

5 12 13 14

Guardian Angel

6 11 16


15 17 18

Carry Knight

February 16, 2013

Down to business

-To see this build in action check this replay (127151136)

So, you hated Omniknight as much as I did? Well this will change the way you look at this once seemingly useless character. This build enables you to have much survivability and damage at the same time. his endless number of defensive skills enable him to withhold and withstand enemy damage for maximum time. he has two ability's that allow him to protect both himself or teammates from enemy magic. he has one other ability that allows him to heal teammates or himself and do damage to enemy's in a small radius around the healed unit.

You will want to start yourself in the mid lane if thats possible. Only attack the minions for the last hits as to keep them coming closer to your side of the river thather than theirs. you will want to try and hold out in the lane until you have at least collected your treads. these treads will give you a nice attack boost and speed. your health should jump up noticeably. You are now able to help in ganks, teamfights and other lanes.

Once you reach yourself a battlefury you will want to head to the jungle and farm yourself your hyperstone. This will give you a much needed speed increase that will help with your jungle farming. Now Omniknight jungle is very similar if not the same as normal jungle. you will want to strafe from one ancient to another killing your sides jungle camps on thew way, if you feel brave enough you can take there camps too. While jungling watch out for team fights that you can be vital to assist in, your skills will be very helpful in large team fights.

Once you feel farmed enough you are ready to head out into the wide world of the tower pushing, it will most likely be late game now, but hopefully if everything has gone as planned you should be able to win the game, it should be an easy push considering your team are also knowledgeable of how to play the game. you may also want to take other jungle camps as you are walking.

-Only use the instant win build if you have good lane control.

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