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Carry Doom - Tournament Build * Including stuff for new Update *

December 21, 2012 by -cNc-
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Carry Doom

DotA2 Hero: Doom

Hero Skills


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Scorched Earth

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Infernal Blade

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Carry Doom - Tournament Build * Including stuff for new Update *

December 21, 2012



Welcome to this tournament build for CARRY DOOM

I have formulated this guide through the analysis of tournaments, EHOME was a great team to view in the $1,000,000 tournament vsing Na'Vi in the finals, Doom got fed and it really shows you how he can perform (Go take a look- EHOME vs Na'vi Finals Game 2 (since Na'vi had the automatic game 1 win)

First of all Doom is a very strong hero, use him well and he will win the game!

With this build, I guarantee that you will get some kills, with the early max of devour, you're gpm will be very high as creeps give approx 140 gold.


New Update News--- ** PLEASE READ **

Recently there was a major update with all the heroes, some good some bad. In doom bringers case I honestly think its kind of neutral:

Doom Bringer
- Devour creep level restriction removed VERY GOOD !
- Devour cooldown from 60/55/50/45 to 70/60/50/40 Very Good!
- Devour gold from 40/60/80/100 to 25/50/75/100 VERY VERY BAD!!!!
- Devour manacost from 60 to 60/50/40/30 Good!
- Level Death bonus damage now deals 20% of Max HP instead of a fixed amount Good!
- Level Death damage increased from 100/150/200/250 to 125/175/225/275 Good!
- Scorched Earth damage/heal increased from 12/16/20/24 to 12/18/24/30 Good!

Honestly I think that the buffs for scorched earth and lvlDeath are amazing, they will really help doom to get more of an edge in game.

BAD BAD BAD DEVOUR. Although devour has removed levels (allowing you to easily steal good neutral buffs at the start), the gold part has been absolutely demolished. Devour was the perfect source of gold income, allowing doom players to get a vanguard before 5 minutes. NOW, they will have to rush maxing out devour and then being on the same path as before but with less cooldown and mana cost. Honestly, all I can say is not to spam the devour as much until it has some use (level 3-4), because it honestly doesnt serve any purpose for another 25 gold. Use it on a good neutral then wait to max it asap.

All I can say is that this build is still alright to follow, I have been able to utilise it still and get some awesome gameplay out of it, so hopefully so will you.

Any other changes / recommendations please pop them in the comments and I'll shout out and change it

Thanks all~ enjoy annihilating with doom :D

In-Depth Analysis

Carry Doom - Analysis



Devour, an excellent skill, best for farming and gives you additional skills which can be a turning point in all fights. Maxing devour early gives you an advantage at earning gold, the downside to this is the consumption of mana, well worth the gold but can be a downside if there is a surprise gank on your end. Devour takes an enemy / neutral creep and gives you gold for it. With neutral creeps, it also provides you with their skill set. Make sure to use this skill as often as possible, as soon as it goes of cd, use it! With the new patch, I recommend not using it as much until around levels 3-4 because it really isn't as good until then!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you utilise the neutral creeps. I generally go for centaurs to give me the stun, but others are fine, as long as they benefit you. The stun allows me to use my scorched earth on them longer so it proves a help.

Good Neutrals to utilise are :
    Centaur - Stun (Choice Number 1/2)
    Alpha wolf - CRIT (Choice Number 1/2)
    Frost witch - Slow
    Ursa - Slow

Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth- Useful skill in all fights, especially teamfights! With the extra movement speed it provides you it allows you to chase down running heroes and still harass them with dps. I max this skill second to enable me to fight more early game, it also is a great advantage in early ganks / kills. Generally, I use this as soon as the fighting starts so that it does dps to all around and if they start running you have the extra movement speed to catch up to them.


LevelDeath... a very very powerful move if the conditions are right, it can be used to last hit heroes and give you kills or put that ministun (again if the level is right).
How does level death work? Level death works in certain circumstances, it does more damage if they are a certain level and it gives the ministun. Without the certain level it still does some damage but it is very insignificant. I usually max this after the first 2 skills because honestly I don't use it much, because I concentrate on dps and being able to run in and fight. Devour and Scorched Earth take priority because they can help much more and in more circumstances. I find that level death is a good skill, but I do not use it as much because I save my mana for doom, devour and scorched earth.


PENTAGRAM! Doom is the most overpowered skill. Not only does it do massive dps, but also silences! It is the make or break move if you are countering some heroes. In teamfights, I usually doom the people that can be the most annoying, some of these people are: Omninight, Slardar, Sand King, Etc. (Focus Stunners and Casters, the people that can disable you.. disable them first!) I max doom as soon as I am able to.. do not hesitate, this skill will turn your battles completely around!

General Doom Bringer

Generally, Doom bringer provides dps and tank to the team, he is a great carry and if used properly is undefeatable! I really like using doom bringer, most people build him as a full support / tank... I find this very very wrong because he is a more than great carry and can be utilised to win the game... He has some issues but they can be fixed very easily if you know how to play him and know when to pick him and when not to pick him.


My item build is very clear, and it will benefit you if you follow it as it is.

Starting Items:

Tangos,Health pot,stout shieldand 3 iron branches.
These items give you good stats, decent defence and they have hp regen incase you get harassed a bit. These items should be able to last you without going back, you should be able to easily farm your phase boots and vanguard before going back..

.:Core Items:.

Radiance:, BKB, Phase Boots, Vanguard...

These Items are your core! Rushing Radiance and BKB after boots and vanguard is essential. It will make you way more tanky and make you be able to do more in teamfights. It also makes you so much better!

Situational (What I usually go for)

Shiva's Guard:, Heaven's Halberd,


Assault Cuirass


I go for these items because they give you more armor and make you more tanky, along with assisting you more in teamfights, fights or just general gameplay. These items are situational, they can be changed around, but usually get Shivas and either HALBERD or assault cuirass... so much help I promise!

Pros / Cons

Pros and Cons of doom and being carry doom


  • Hard carry = Dominate
  • High DPS
  • Tanky
  • Its Doom.... Tournament Build Carry can carry good


  • NO BASE ARMOUR - (This means that Dazzle, Slardar and anyone who has minus armor will combat you... Which is why we get shivas and vanguard)
  • Lots of stun = you're dead ... (thats why we get BKB)
  • Early game... not that good..
  • Needs high farm (given by devour)

Creeping / Jungling


Use Devour as much as you can. It gives you more gold than normal and it will raise your gpm like crazy..

Overall just get as many last hits you can get.. if you are not in any fights just

keep up constant farm

Jungle Creeps

For the Neutral creeps, choose wisely. Each jungle creep has its skills. I usually choose the centaurs because of their stun that you can get, but its up to you.. what ever you think and whatever can help you :)


That concludes my tournament build guide. I hope it can help you :)

Just Remember

  • Keep up your farm
  • Rush Vanguard, Radiance and BKB
  • Use your doom on annoying heroes and disablers

Hope this build can help you.. it definitely helped me

Good Luck! Hope you dominate!

Recommendations From the Public~ (Note: make sure to read them!)

I would replace Butterfly for Heaven's Halbred to give Disarm, straight damage and evasion. You'd probably want to get AC first, but I believe Halbred to be a better option since Disarm can be really efficient in team fights. - Goldprint

Rush Midas - = insane GPM
and if you're going for DPS, the attack speed isn't too shabby..
Most neutrals have good sub skills, Stun being the best - but there is slow from that witch thing and ensare from the level 5 troll.. Also the little riki's have purge, which is great to debuff heroes.. - Jaslam

I agree with most everything except for Butterfly, as it is essentially outclassed by Heaven's Halberd on Doom Bringer. Heaven's Halberd is over 2000g cheaper but provides stronger survivability and a useful active. Scythe of Vyse should be considered as well; although it is not a DPS or tank item per say, the disable is crucial. Doom Bringer also benefits from the unlimited Mana provided by the item, and excels at farming up high ticket items regardless. - Workpants

From my experience its much better to take one lvl of LVL?Death @ 3rd lvl. it helps gaining early kills and harrassing.
Maxing it last is also not necessarily a good choice, because then you lose the advantage it kills you in early levels (Multiples of 3,5 and 6)
But if choosing Side lanes its best to max it last. - Xellence


I think your guide is mostly spot on - I have been playing Doom quite a bit before and after the changes and think you should emphasize a few key aspects that make him nearly unstoppable early game:
1. Devour - if you can find a Satyr Hellcaster early game, get it! If not, keep searching! I cannot emphasize this enough and expect an update to go back to the way things were previously. The health regeneration makes deciding between phase boots and vanguard a non-issue and will piss the hell out of your opponent in the lane. You can also switch to buying clarity pots if your team was smart enough to get a courier and spam shockwave for early harassment! Lately Doom is unstoppable due to the update and most people don't even realize it yet.
2. BKB after Vangaurd and Phase Boots - Always! Will save your life and makes you a freaking tank dealing tons of damage with scorched earth while being magic immune. By this point, the game is normally over and you just need to remember to keep devouring creeps while working on your next items, which brings me to...
3. ASSAULT CUIRASS FTW!!! I think the next item time in line after Boots/Vangaurd and BKB depends on what creep abilities you prefer. If I have the Alpha Wolf endgame, I rush for Hyperstone and Assault Cuirass which makes team fights completely unfair when you rush in with BKB, doom the caster, amd crit the hell out of everyone else while your team benefits from the 30% extra damage buff. If you don't like the alpha wolves (for whatever reason I cannot comprehend) rush for radiance, but realize your armor rating is horrible and endgame you will get owned by the opponents carry. If the game is still going after this, which I doubt, grab your radiance and say goodbye when you crit for 700+ damage a hit while dealing 90dps per second due to scorched earth and radiance.

Let me know what you think! I definitely think that Número UNO makes Doom unstoppable and easier to play than ever. Because of this, I personally don't mind the gold lost for the early levels of devour. - Spanky

Just something very useful with doom :

IMO one of the best creeps to eat in the jungle is the kobold taskmaster (found mainly on the creep pack near the midlane) he gives you a 12% MS aura, and can be eaten at lvl 1 if the good mobs pop, priceless to cap the MS and be very fearsome.

Phase boots are really good, personnaly i prefer travels, more MS and the TP, but no way to go across the creeps... as you wish there.

IMO 2 levels of LVL? death are good at lvl 4, you will be a real pain for opponents when they reach 5. (ok with 1 level it's the same but at 6, depends on your will to kill at lvl6 or just before). - Darsh51

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