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Can't Touch This. A H.A.M Way to Play Juggernaut

March 14, 2012 by SwagMasterYi
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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Blade Fury

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Can't Touch This. A H.A.M Way to Play Juggernaut

March 14, 2012


Start off with a some green liquid, 2 pieces of grass, some hay, and a rad shield.

Next, rush the Awesome Axe, it makes you kill faster.

Then, get the Magical Mask, the life steal stacks adorably with your ulti and helps you stay in lane.

After that, buy the Green Ball. It allows you to chain your Omni-Slash, which prevents the enemy team from touching you. Some people from the other team might D/C when they see you, but don't worry, that's supposed to happen.

If you haven't won already or their whole team hasn't raged yet, proceed to purchase Blue Boots and any of the items from the "Make Bank" section.

Early Game

Last hit/deny. Also don't die because you are not allowed to. You're the Juggernaut.

Mid Game


Late Game

Slay even harder because you should have the Refresher Orb by now. Chain ulti and spin to win.


Once you have your Green Ball, its time to chain ulti:

1. Run at your opponents, make sure they are in a group so you can get some rad dubs and trips. Activate Magical Mask, even though you take 30% more damage, you will be invincible with your chain ult.

2. Ult the squishiest hero on their team.

3. After you melt most of their team, activate your Blue Boots for some cool mana, then smash the Green Ball hot key.

4. Ult the next squishiest hero.

5. Spin the win the survivors (Rare).

6. Proceed to tell the other team "B4ck T0 B0tz Nubz".

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