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Burning Specter

October 21, 2015 by DARKALEX
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Burn them all

DotA2 Hero: Spectre

Hero Skills

Spectral Dagger

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Burning Specter

October 21, 2015

Early Game

Hello, My name is dark alex and i will try to give you this guide so you can master specter with no time and burn all your enemy alive.

Specter is a late game hero which mean that you will be useless in early game, so you just focus to get last hit as much as you can and try to get kills as much as you can. quelling blade will help you get your last hit and trang boots will give you health and armor you need so you stay in your lane without the need for you to get back. be sure to tell the support to ward the side you farming so you avoid gang and deaths. if the support didn't buy ward then you do because it is cost 75 and it is better than you die.

Mid game

When you reach level 6, here specter can do some kills. keep farming and have map awareness because there will be some team fights and when enemy reach 40% of his health and he getting back to base, here is the good time to haunt and digger him. you need to get your rad before 24 min. after you get your rad, here its a good time to join team fight and try not jump so fast because rad will only burn the enemy, you still need heart to be fully tanky. when you get your rad, heart and blade mail, you can get triple kills easy with these items.

i will add more and edit the guide later on

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