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bully skywraith mage guide

September 1, 2017 by zfyy
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everylane supp

DotA2 Hero: Skywrath Mage

Hero Skills

Ruin and Restoration (Innate)

Arcane Bolt

1 3 5 7

Concussive Shot

2 4 9 10

Ancient Seal

8 11 13 16

Mystic Flare

6 18


12 14 15

bully skywraith mage guide

September 1, 2017

every lane is yours to be won

Early game

start in the lane which is easiest to win go in safelane/mid just use 6-8 arcane bolt hide in tree clarity up after 3 bolt usage dont trade hit or when using clarity even avoid hitting against even melee heroes .

then fairy in clarity when and as you can with insane movement speed + wind lace just move to 2nd lane getting bounty stealing enemy bounty grabbing runes if mid dont need and secure all 3 lanes if you can

with sky you get good damage , decent initiation because of conclusive shot's insane cast range just get arcanes and just keep moving and there will be kills where ever you go if not then you secure rotation which was unwanted and move to otherlane because you are 400ms hero and hurt the lane from where rotation was made , with your 6 and 2 points in conclusive shot every immobile hero is bound to die with little help from core there.

mid game is easy

you have your atos which has 1150 cast range that means in night if u have wards enemy cant even see you casting it with root giving true sight follow up with silence then slow and behold mystic flare if they dont have bkb they will die or go back to base or shrine so does you but good thing is you are just support and they will fear you and only thing you dont want happening is you dying before fight starts and no way they can chase you but they can jump you so careful you are glass

late game

you have done your part at this point you have scepter ghost force anything but impact is limited but good thing is now you have every ability value 2x say they have 2 bkb core what can you do ghost and run but their support is still up for grabs clutch silence and double slow double mystic flare is a force even in late game.

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