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Broodmother Solo Mid Guide

July 9, 2014 by Arachnid
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Chase and Kill

DotA2 Hero: Broodmother

Purchase Order

Starting Game

Sentry Ward

Early Game

Boots of Speed

Core Items

Sange and Yasha
Power Treads
Hand of Midas

Late Game

Power Treads
Sange and Yasha
Soul Booster
Hand of Midas


Orchid Malevolence
Abyssal Blade
Soul Ring

Hero Skills

Spawn Spiderlings

2 4 7 8

Spin Web

1 5 9 10

Incapacitating Bite

3 12 13 14

Insatiable Hunger

6 11 16


15 17 18

Broodmother Solo Mid Guide

July 9, 2014


First up, this is my first guide, so sorry if it is a bit crude. Also, please do not leave hateful comments, I only want constructive critisism or advice. This is an uncommon use of Broodmother and requires a bit of knowledge of Broodmother`s abilities and how they work. This is a short guide to give you a general idea of how to solo mid with Broodmomma. Please feel free to give me feedback on how this guide worked for you!

Reasons for Brood Solo Mid

Some good justifications for brood going mid are:
She is good at harassing if done right
She benifits greatly from getting extra exp (she is a carry)
If used correctly can drive opposing carry out of the middle lane completely
She can easily solo push mid lane hard mid game and on.

Solo Mid

Most people use Broodmother as a hard-lane or offlane hero, whereas this guide tells you how to use Brood as a solo mid carry. The biggest thing to remember when solo-ing mid is to harass your adversary out of the lane. Different people react to harassment in different ways. The most common reaction is to buy sentry wards to try and counter you, if this happens, simply buy your own sentries and place them when your creep line is more towards the enemy territory and deward theirs. They also might buy a gem of true sight, in which case, try and set up a gank to kill and steal the gem from them. If they get dust, just run back to your tower and wait for it to wear off, because dust is mainly used for ganks and you could be in danger. If they do nothing at all they are noobs and you will absolutly dominate.


The actual playing of this build is a bit untraditional, too. Instead of spamming your Spawn Spiderlings, use it as a hero damage spell, i.e. use it early game to harass the hero instead of on creeps. The reason for this is to limit your push so that you don`t get too far into enemy territory too fast, as this may cause early team fights, and too much enemy focus on your lane, effectively ruining your farm. Another important note is to be patient and conservative, don`t chase out of your webs without your core items, and never in enemy territory. Basically, wait for your core items to be finished before you really start all out pushing.


The skill build is pretty straightforward. Webs always first, spiders for hero harassment and pushing power, bite for slow to get kills and chase down, and ult when availible. As I mentioned earlier, don`t spam your spiderlings when not pushing, it is a waste of mana and gives great oppertunities for enemies to get high amounts of gold, especially AoE heroes.

Item build

The first item build is for early chasing power and kills with boots, webs, and sange and yasha combined equaling 520 movement speed, nothing outruns you. As for the situational items,the abyssal blade is if you need a stun to secure kills, orchid if you need silence to secure kills or silence skill dependent heroes in fights, and the soul rind so you can spam spiderlings if you need to push fast. The second build ends up the same as the first in the end, but the order of getting them is different, more oriented towards early gold and xp. The situational items are there for multiple reasons. I put sentry wards there in case you have to deward your enemy`s sentries, the orchid is in case you have some heavy casters on the other team, and the soul ring if you never have enough mana to use your ult or spiderlings. The core items give you everything you need; general tanky-ness, all the chasing power you could ever wish for, stats boosts, and easy farm. The heavy push strategy is solely for pushing, it will allow you to be the FASTEST pusher in the game, and it creates huge waves of your creeps behind an army of spiders, almost never fails. Don`t use if there are high AoE damagers on the other team, especially Earthshaker.

Friends and Foes

Some good allies are:
Crystal Maiden-the extra mana regen is excellent for broodmother
Io- enemies cant see tether and can make for some nasty suprises as to why they are moving so slow.
Any AoE heroes- They can do high damage and Brood can clean up.


You should now know all you need to dominate mid lane and be a true enemy to be feared!

This guide is by no means finished and please leave comments and helpful feedback!

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